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Dec 18, 2011
Got it wrong


William Fuld, first user of the "Ouija" name was not the inventor of the planchette system of automatic writing, nor was he the earliest patentee. The system goes back much earlier. There are reliable Chinese reports of a similar system in the 12th Century. Proponents and opponents of the game will even claim an earlier origin, usually Egyptian.

Not having access to the back issues of FT, I cannot confirm a memory of an early report of possession (Thanks, Monstrosa) in the 1900s. My suspicion is that it may be a report of a report, or an editing error such as "The Yellow Newspaper Times reported that in 190X ..." changing to "The Yellow Newspaper Times reported in 190X that ..." An unsubstantiated report of my own is that Microsoft "Word" grammar auto correct used to play tricks like that.

The earliest time for possession/hysteria for which I found a reference is supposedly from 1920 in El Cerrito, California found in Paranormal Suite 101 but there is no reference to where this report appeared at the time. Other unsourced reports can be found at the same site.

Some links I found displayed the same cavalier attitude to sources. Others, like the site Ouija: Not a Game referenced fonts (pun intended) of journalistic accuracy such as the "National Examiner" and "The Sun".

People interested in the history of the Ouija board should visit the site constructed by Robert Murch, William Fuld. com


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Jul 19, 2004
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What about a handmade ouija board toilet seat?


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Dec 19, 2009
I was listening to an old art bell on Coast to Coast and the subject was the disappearance of six American servicemen and women based in Germany, who did a runner and fled back to the USA after playing with a Ouija board. Apparently they were to deliver a message to the highest authorities. According to the podcast the GI’s were never charged with being AWOL and were released on the orders of President Bush.

I‘m amazed I was never aware of this beforehand. Anyone know of the story and have any thoughts?

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Nov 22, 2021
New one on me. Two of the members appeared on TV in 1993. Go to 9min. 50secs.

One of my girlfriends always had a deep husky voice. When she would call me at work, my co-workers would say, 'Ronnie, your boyfriend is on the phone', and we would always laugh about it.
She told me that she had once used a ouija board with someone, and that the board had told her she had a previous life. She had been a man by the name of 'Max'.
I could never get anywhere with a ouija board, but maybe there is something to it.....


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May 22, 2004
I may have posted about this before.
I've only ever used one once when I was much younger with the neighbours.
When we put our fingers on the glass it felt like an electric jolt. The siamese cat began running around crying.
I wondered if you could influence it with your mind and decided to try and make it spell out the name we would use if I had a boy as I was pregnant.
The glass moved but it spelled out the name of the daughter I would have later then it just refused to move any more.
That night I felt like something was pressing on my chest and I decided not to use it again.
Some of the neighbours continued to use it for awhile then one told me it had spelled out really bad things although she refused to say what they were.