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I knew the job was dangerous when I took it ...
Jul 19, 2004
Out of Bounds
Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench

Last night in Hong Kong, the police received a disturbing call from a
man in trouble.

Xing, a 41 year-old man, was calling from LanTian park in the middle of the night. The lonely and disturbed man had apparently thought it would be fun to have sex with one of the steel sit-up benches around the park.

The bench has numerous small holes in it, which Xing used to attempt to satisfy himself. However, once he became aroused he found that he was stuck and could not get his penis out of the small hole.

He panicked and called the police to help him.

When police arrive they found Xian stuck face down where he had been stuck for some time.

When doctors arrived on the scene they tried to release some of the pressure by removing some of his blood, but the penis was so swollen that they ended up having to cut the entire bench free and take it, with Xian attached, to the hospital.

4 painful hours later, Doctors finally separated Xian from his bench.
Doctors stated that if he had been stuck for even an hour longer, they would have had to remove his penis.

Lets just say this is probably one bad date that Xing will never forget.

(Photos posted at source webpage) ... eel-bench/
wendytorrance said:
Is it just me, or do those holes seem awfully small?


Depends what he was used to, I suppose. I'm told the cats in Hong Kong have learned to run fast! :)
well what can you say :roll:

guess there really is no limit to wht men are willing to sleep with weather they are drunk or sober :lol:

and i guess them cats will run bloody fast, wouldnt you? :lol:
Man with genitals in pipe cut free
3:11pm Thursday 7th January 2010
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A man who went to casualty with his penis stuck in a steel pipe had to be cut free by firefighters using a metal grinder.

Medics at Southampton General Hospital could not get the man's penis out of the stainless steel pipe because the restricted blood flow had caused it to become aroused, so they called in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

They turned up with a special equipment unit from St Mary's station in Southampton and seven firefighters to help in what a spokesman said was a "delicate operation".

The firefighters used the four-and-a-half-inch grinder to cut the pipe from around the man's penis and it took about 30 minutes.

The patient was given an anaesthetic and his penis was left bruised and swollen but otherwise unharmed.

The anxious man, aged about 40, gave hospital staff no explanation about how the pipe got stuck after he turned up on Tuesday morning.

A Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "Initially the crew did not have the appropriate cutting equipment to free the man.

"It was a very delicate operation that required a very steady hand and the crew was worried about things getting too hot during the cutting.

"It's certainly an unusual call-out and I'm sure the man won't be getting into that situation again." ;)
..The anxious man, aged about 40, gave hospital staff no explanation about how the pipe got stuck after he turned up on Tuesday morning.
And the moral of this one is: Always read the instructions before you start.
Not sure if this should be here or in the "Human condition", but from the South African Medical Journal.

Successful removal of a penile constriction wedding
ring in a rural area
A Fhima
1 Casualty Department, Van Velden Hospital, Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa
2 Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital and University of the Witwatersrand,
Johannesburg, South Africa
Corresponding author: A Fhima ([email protected])

Background. Penile strangulation is a rarely described medical emergency. Removal of the strangulating object is challenging, with a lack
of proper guidelines.
Objective. To describe the challenges faced during an attempt to urgently remove a metal object (wedding ring) constricting an erect penis.
Method. We report a case of penile strangulation with a wedding ring in an adult man who presented at Van Velden Hospital casualty
department, Limpopo, South Africa, and review the related literature.
Result. The ring was successfully removed using an aspiration technique (via a pink needle).
Conclusion. No proper guidelines exist for the treatment of this condition, so the ‘best method’ is the one with a successful outcome.
S Afr Med J 2016;106(11):1088-1089. DOI:10.7196/SAMJ.2016.v106i11.11103

Penile strangulation has been reported across
all age groups. In children, strangulating
materials may be placed on the penis as
treatment for enuresis and incontinence, and
as a punitive measure for masturbation. In
adults, it is done mainly for erotic reasons.[1-3]
We report a case of a strangulating
penile ring and the challenges faced during
attempts at removing it.[1-3]
Case report
A 28-year-old man presented to the casualty
department of Van Velden Hospital, which
is in a rural part of Limpopo Province,
South Africa, accompanied by his mother.
His penis was severely swollen and blue, and
constricted with a ring (wedding ring) at the
middle section. The patient reported that he
had applied the ring 4 hours previously for
erotic reasons, on the recommendation of
friends. His wife had delivered 2 weeks ago
by caesarean section.
The penis was erect and blue (Fig. 1) and
the patient was in severe pain. His vital signs
were normal.
The patient was immediately taken to the
casualty theatre. We first attempted to use
the string method[2] to remove the ring, with
the patient under sedation with ketamine.
However, this failed because of excessive
swelling. A second attempt at removal was
made using an orthopaedic oscillating saw.
The ring proved too wide and strong, with
limited space due to swelling.
An attempt was then made using an aspiration
method.[1] Multiple puncture aspirations
were applied with a 20 mL syringe and
a pink needle. The oedema subsided and the
ring was successfully removed (Figs 2 and 3).
The patient was admitted and treated with
broad-spectrum antibiotics and analgesia.
Within 3 days he had recovered completely
and was discharged (Figs 4 and 5).
One month later, the patient was reviewed
as an outpatient. He reported full recovery.
Penile strangulation is a rare emergency,
but occasionally occurs on a worldwide

Bhat et al.[3] presented an original classification
for penile strangulation, as follows:
I. Distal oedema only
II. Distal oedema, skin and urethral trauma,
corpus spongiosum compression,
decreased penile sensation
III. Separation of corpus spongiosum, urethral
fistula, corpus cavernosum compression,
no distal sensation
IV. Gangrene, necrosis, or distal penile
A variety of techniques are available to deal
with this emergency:
• String technique
• Cutting technique (may involve nonmedical
equipment and personnel)[3,4]
• Aspiration technique
• Surgical techniques (including amputation).[
Aspiration of blood was an effective method
for the removal of a wedding ring strangulating
a penis that had been applied for erotic
purposes. Should it be considered as the
method of choice? The doctor should decide
on the removal method depending on the
case, the settings and available equipment.
1. Silberstein J, Grabowski J, Lakin C, Goldstein I. Penile
constriction devices: Case report, review of the literature, and
recommendations for extrication. J Sex Med 2008;5(7):1747-
1757. DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2008.00848.x
2. Noh J, Kang TW, Heo T, Kwon DD, Park K, Ryu SB. Penile
strangulation treated with the modified string method. Urology
2004;64(3)3:591. DOI:10.1016/j.urology.2004.04.058
3. Bhat AL, Kumar A, Mathur SC, Gangwal KC. Penile
strangulation. Br J Urol 1991;68(6):618-621. DOI:10.1111/
4. Snoy FJ, Wagner SA, Woodside JR, Orgel MG, Bordem TA.
Management of penile incarceration. Urology 1984;24(1):18-20.
5. Detweiler M. Penile incarceration with metal objects. Scand J Urol
Nephrol 2001;35(3):212-217. DOI:10.1080/003655901750291980
Fig. 5. Puncture wounds. Accepted 2 June 2016.

Source, (graphic picture warning):

Either a big ring or a small penis. I'm betting on number 2.
It was certainly wasp-waisted! :rofl:

I suspect he heard the term "cock-ring" and reached for the one he had in hand!

I have seen the same trick done with plumbing accessories - appropriately enough.

I think they resorted to the same method of detumescence. Having been turned into a sieve, I can't help but wonder if it might spring a leak under pressure on some future occasion! :eek:
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When I say, I've seen it done*, I mean on the internet.

A Malaysian Welder's Nut Adventure! :eek::eek::eek:[/URL]

But I think something more graphic may be called for:

Here you go!

I love the way this story involved the Fire Department, a Goldsmith, a "Gas-Cutter!" and a Welder. I think they just phoned all their mates! :rofl:

" . . . a welding-shop fellow was brought by me and an opinion was taken regarding the management of hard nuts."

In the end, they put his penis on a big, rusty cog and took a hammer to it! Yes, that filthy great thing was part of the treatment. That'll learn him!

*I did once see someone raise weights with his organ. Exhibitionists are by definition the ones you never wanted to see!
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If you are a man, please do not put your penis inside one of those big round weights you see in the gym.

It may seem like common sense and something you would never, ever do – but a man in Germany has provided the perfect example of why it’s a terrible idea.

Because he was left in an extremely painful and embarrassing position when he realised he couldn’t remove it.

Firefighters in the city of Worms posted a picture showing the smashed 2.5kg weight after they spent three hours slicing it to bits (the weight that is, not the penis).

Read more:
Shouldn't this story be in the sexbot thread?
This 1849 medical report may be the earliest documented case of a young man getting his penis stuck inside an object (in this case, a bottle). The more interesting bit is the plausibility of the explanation for how the fellow happened to get his penis drawn into the bottle with sufficient vacuum to entrap it.
In 1849, A Man's Penis Became Lodged In A Bottle Through An Entirely Plausible Potassium Explosion

At some point, you've probably read a story about somebody getting their penis stuck in an unlikely object ...

Well, these stories didn't just begin in the age of the Internet. A case report we've stumbled across from 1849 tells the tale of a young man who got his penis stuck in a bottle in unlikely (though in this case, entirely plausible) circumstances. ...

"A few months ago I was called in great haste to a young gentleman, who was in a most ludicrous yet painful condition," the author of the case report published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal wrote.

"I found, on examination, a bottle, holding about a pint, with a short neck and small mouth, firmly attached to his body by the penis, which was drawn through the neck and projected into the bottle, being swollen and purple."

The young man's penis had fit through the neck of the bottle, though the opening was only around (brace yourself) 1.9 centimeters (0.75 inches) in diameter. Given how swollen the penis was inside the bottle, extraction was impossible. ...

The doctor attempted to pull out the man's penis using his fingers – which we'd be shocked to learn if the man hadn't given this a crack beforehand – but with no luck. Next, he grabbed a knife and struck the bottle, shattering it and "liberating the penis in an instant".

As expected, the penis was "enormously swollen and black" from bruising, but there was another mystery right there on his foreskin, glans and shaft: all were blistered as though they'd been burned or scalded with boiling water.

"Now for the explanation," Shipman wrote. "A bottle in which some potassium had been kept in naphtha, and which had been used up in experiments, was standing in his room; and wishing to urinate without leaving his room, he pulled out the glass stopper and applied his penis to its mouth."

This, I'm sure you'll agree, was a bad move. From here, the man conducted an unexpected experiment into the effects of vacuums on the human penis.

"The first jet of urine was followed by an explosive sound and flash of fire, and quick as thought the penis was drawn into the bottle with a force and tenacity which held it as firmly as if in a vice." ...

The doctor, perhaps a little unconvinced by the man's tale, tried to replicate the results for himself, though he was sensible enough to not use his own penis for the experiment. Instead, he introduced urine to a small piece of potassium inside a bottle, while keeping his finger over the neck. As the patient had reported, his finger was indeed sucked inside and held there. ...


August 15, 1849
Boston Med Surg J 1849; 41:33-38
DOI: 10.1056/NEJM184908150410202

"Now for the explanation," Shipman wrote. "A bottle in which some potassium had been kept in naphtha, and which had been used up in experiments, was standing in his room; and wishing to urinate without leaving his room, he pulled out the glass stopper and applied his penis to its mouth."

Oh, that old chestnut again.

maximus otter
Why, are you stuck now?

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll pull it off... ;)

I suppose you have to pass the time somehow, although I'm not sure this is quite how you should...

Single man, 38, has swollen penis freed by doctors two weeks after he locks it inside a small padlock
A 38-year-old single man’s penis has been permanently disfigured after his manhood was trapped inside a padlock for two weeks.

A bored man stuck at home during the pandemic was rushed to hospital after getting a padlock stuck around his penis in a bizarre sex act gone wrong.

The bachelor, 38, clamped the metal device around the base of his manhood for a thrill around two weeks ago but he lost the key and his limb started to swell.
He tried unsuccessfully to remove the small lock so left it on his penis for more than 14 days until it became infected and the pain was unbearable.
The embarrassed man’s mother – who tried to help him – called the emergency services and firemen went to his home in Bangkok, Thailand, on the evening of July 16.
She told medics that her son did not have a girlfriend and was “bored” because he had been staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.
If you're are going to do this sort of thing at least have a pair of bolt cutters handy.

I cut off my wedding ring the other day, (no one tells you your fingers get fatter as you age), all these ridiculous youtube videos featuring Dremels and having someone else do all the cutting, etc. Major panicky stuff.

went to the toolbox, rummaged around for the tin snips - Bob's your uncle.

I won't mention "Fanny's your aunt" given the nature of the thread.