Psi Experiences/Experiments That Exclude Precognition?


Justified & Ancient
Jul 30, 2003
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Regulars here will know I'm frequently reporting matches between my dreams and future events.

As fortean experiences go its a relatively new fixation in hte last 2 years.
Whether you accept the reality of precogniton or not, I'm certainly in no doubt of it at all.

But the implications bother me.

One of the reasons I'm open to the possibiliy of survival is that "psychic" experiences like telepathy etc suggest the mind is not limited to the brain. So its not such a leap to imagine it survives the death of it. However precognition only suggests that our waking perception of time is wrong and doesn't require an "outside the head" consciousness at all to cover it. Yet more and more I realise that every "telepathic" experience I could previously point to can be covered by my acceptance of precognition instead.

Someone you're with says something obscure tht was just in your own head and you gasp and declare they, or you, must be telepathic. But perhaps you were thinking the same thing "simply" because you had precognized them saying it.
You become agitated with an overhwhelming sense that a loved one is in terrible trouble..then recieve the phone call that confirms it. Psychic bond? Or had you just precognized your own future experience of recieving the phone call?
Remote viewers in a CIA lab successfully describe a target at particular coordinates. Did their mind extend throuhg clairvoyance to see the scene? Or was it merely that they were picking up on their own future experience of having the target confirmed and/or shown to them? (if not in the lab, then certainly when the account is published by the researchers in a book!)

You see the problem? Because it is one. And it matters. Because suddenly all of these things cease to require that your mind ever extended beyond the limits of your skull. You may just have been picking up images from your own future. An astonishnig concept of course, but not one with nearly such profound implications for the possibility of survival of death.

So my question is, to those in the know, is this regularly and fully taken account of in studies and experiments into psi? Is it the case that in ganzfeld and zener and other typical tests, the subject is conclusively excluded from ever seeing the target afterwards (including in published material)? Are comparisons made between success rates when the subjects are later told what they were targetting and when they are not, in order to see if it makes a difference? And does it?

Or does anyone have an impressive "psychic" anecdote that they confidently say excludes the potential for precogniton,if it exists, to be the explanation?

It's not a challenge by the way.. I'm hoping the answer to all of these is yes. I'm just struggling to personally think of any.


Such experiences may at times occur because the "receiver" is sensitive and open (in various degrees) to the psychic energies around them. I for one can often tell if a stranger is a nice or nasty person simply from a few glances. Its like a mix of gut instinct and an invisible cloud that they drag around with them. The room they enter suddenly feels different which then gives me some very odd feelings - not always good ones. Ive felt drained in this type of situation too and sometimes get a ringing in one of my ears. I think this is why I love to make others laugh or smile - a subconscious way of keeping the "air" clean and healthy.

In other cases its all down to knowing the person and their routines. When I visit my mother I can often predict what shes going to say in response to something.


Justified & Ancient
May 22, 2004
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I don't know that I'm a psychic but I often pick up impressions about people I meet. sometimes it's handy because I can sense what they are going to do and take evasive action.
When my children were at school I used to help in the canteen and one of the other mothers brought her sister in law.
I felt ill in the stomach whenever she came near me although she never said anything bad to me.
I found out later she had been in gaol for stabbing someone.


Gone But Not Forgotten
Apr 23, 2013
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I've also been writing about my matches between my dreams, and future events. Over the past ten years I've recorded hundreds of predictions that came true based on my dreams. Perhaps this is a new, growing trend in people? Maybe the veils between the future and the present are weakening ? Due to all the wireless signals floating through us all the time, maybe our brains are expanding into Cyber Space?


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Mar 12, 2019
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These are interesting thoughts. My formal seer gift was switched on by testing following an absolute compulsion to be at an exact point and time, while remaining in ignorance of the reason why. The only way to resolve it was to comply, and find out empirically what was going on, so I did, and discovered I'd forecast a crisis event in a church fellowship, by six weeks. That also challenged the church, who just happened to be linked into the local Seminary, run by the very pragmatic CofE (US Episcopalian) Church Army. The result was a surprise test, which I passed by clearing my channels and dropping into meditation, allowing the Spirit which had compelled me to the activity in the first place to respond, which it did, with complete and accurate precision.
In later research in the Warburg Institute's Esoteric Studies Reading Group, I came across an exact description of the test in a First Caliphate text nearly a thousand years old. They also accurately described the path which I inevitably followed, which has a feedback loop to it: the more I learned, the more confident I became and so was able to do ever more unusual stuff. What was even more impressive is that other seers detected the path without any input from me, becoming concerned because after doing some history-changing events, the next step would be the End Game. Google WEU Prophecy to see what they had to say on the matter.
In fact, what it was was salvaging the RC ArchiAssociation of the Eucharist. Jonahed into moving from London to Brussels (that is, sent even though we'd been too modest to try), I landed a home in circumstances which were every bit as unusual - it was only after the rental agreement was made that the Landlord and I checked backgrounds, and discovered we were two degrees removed: my great-aunt was in his circle since forever. Then another member of the extended family moved in next door, so all the grannies arrived to compare notes. That built the team which would handle the problem, because I could handle the aristocrats and they the ordinary folk, and so we restabilised the failing Eucharistics. Matthew 18 applies, in passing.
Along the way, we were at the heart of a significant breakthrough in cancer treatment, where a similar hyperserendipity meant my wife's uncle's work in Royal Arch Freemasonry (he was Provincial for North London, ie Bishop) somehow unexpectedly ended up saving her life. You'll discover references to Platinol in one of the Holy Blood books, it established an entire Medical Products division in Johnson Matthey, the gold refiners - pure alchemy, in the truest sense of the word. You'll find a fuller narrative over on the Knights Templar thread.
That, though, was only the Admin tail of the Jonahing. My workload led to the 2012 Peace Prize, as a WEU staffer. The point here is that it's all very well keeping it close to your chest out of trepidation nobody'll understand, in my case that was my daily experience anyway because the brains I needed to be able to cope with that makes me hard to understand, Joe Normal can't cope with so much weirdness. He gets just so far and then freaks out. But for me, it started slowly, when I was in my teens, but eventually reached the point I described in opening this. And from there, as I say, it expanded in a feedback loop. That Church I was dropped into put me in contact with the Greenwich Association of The Disabled (now slightly renamed, "of Disabled People") where I gained the experience in accounting which would find me my place in WEU, as the day-to-day justification. Thankfully the really weird stuff is intermittent!

Anyway, that's just an outline. I'm not alone in the family in having Aspergers with brains from genetic potential, and the shrinks see the two going together often enough for me to thing we might be the first in a new species, Homo Scipiens. Hyperperceptive Man.