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Putin Is Already Dead? Was He Ill?

And this came before. Translated form here:

A few days ago, a Russian telegram channel, which is usually associated with the name of former professor of the Russian diplomatic academy MGIMO and PR specialist Valery Solovyev, reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had died of a heart attack. This problematic announcement circulated around the world, but did not make much of a splash in the end. We have heard plenty of such news in recent years. What is more interesting, however, is the Kremlin's reaction to the latest uproar of this type.

A muscular Putin in the saddle of a horse, Putin shooting at a tiger, Putin in the cockpit of a Russian fighter jet, Putin as the pilot of a Russian firefighting plane, Putin flying a hang glider as the leader of a flock of cranes - this has usually been the Kremlin propaganda response to speculation about the Russian president's death on Russian social media and in the world's media.

In short, the Kremlin has persistently proved that the Russian president is a superman, existing entirely outside the categories of human ills or even entirely natural mortality, about which there is certainly nothing self-defeating.

But the latest wave of similar reports seems to have been of little interest to the Kremlin. The presidential office looks on condescendingly and makes no attempt to refute it. Both it and the Russian intelligence services understand all too well how wonderfully it all works: Vladimir Putin has become the focus of the adoration or, conversely, the hatred of millions of people, and the rumour of his death is doomed to be discussed more eagerly in general for a few days than the situation in the Middle East or Ukraine.

Especially in that part of the world where hundreds of people die every day as a result of the war this man has unleashed, his death is almost eagerly awaited.

As long as he's alive!
Whoever is involved in spreading conspiracy rumors about Putin's health or his doppelgangers is working on his own propaganda. Which can be proved by several factors, says well-known Russian columnist Ivan Preobrazhensky.

Firstly, the publication of these rumours results in a downright manipulative transformation of the relevant everyday agenda. If we succumb to such rumours, we are forced to let go of what is really relevant at the moment, and we are forced into false discussions about trivialities.

Secondly, these regime-cultivated falsehoods almost rehabilitate Putin in the eyes of the Russians themselves. He is old - and this is a fact that really worries the Russian public. But rumours of his death are starting to spark downright misguided polemics: so you say he is old? As long as he is alive!

And finally, thirdly: the real health of the Russian president and his entourage is a really important topic, because the state of mind of such people under dictatorship directly translates into the health and lives of millions of people, Mr. Preobrazhensky reminds us.

We should think about all this whenever we start to be intoxicated by the idea of a miraculously dead Putin.
More news about this. Translated from here:

'Something strange is happening' It looks as if the Kremlin is already rehearsing Putin's funeral, political analysts say
Something strange is going on in the Kremlin, according to Swedish Russia expert Anders Åslund. It is often speculated that Vladimir Putin has cancer, Parkinson's disease or is suffering from a steroid addiction that he developed because of his obsession with bodybuilding. But not much is known about how he is really living - or if he is even still alive - writes American political analyst Jason Jay Smart for the Ukrainian news server Kyiv Post.

The Kremlin denies that Putin has died, but there are growing signs that a political change is afoot in Moscow. Åslund believes the Kremlin is using a presidential double because "too many strange things have emerged that are not typical of Putin."

According to the expert, Putin lives "in complete isolation, probably because of his lowered immunity, while his double walks among the people and pats them on the back, which the real Putin would never do." Rumours emerged on the Russian platform Telegram that Putin had suffered a cardiac arrest and died. This was also claimed by former FSB member Valery Solovyev, who also gave the exact time and place of Putin's death.

At the time these rumours emerged, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who likes to record videos of himself, was conspicuously silent. His 15-year-old son, Adam, has been named commander-in-chief of his security service, which some observers believe means he may be poised to take over the leadership of Chechnya.

Putin's successor
Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council, is often mentioned as a possible successor to Putin, but he does not get along with Kadyrov. If Patrushev comes to power, he will eliminate all his rivals, including Kadyrov, US Kremlin expert Mark Katz points out.

Rumours of Putin's death were reinforced by Patrushev's public eulogy of Putin a few days ago, according to the Belarusian opposition Charter 97. He said the Russian president was "tired of the violence-filled 1990s, when society was waiting for solutions to socio-economic problems and strengthening national security, and Russia needed a leader who would focus on the welfare of the people."

"Such a leader was Putin, who knew in detail the situation in the country and had a clear programme of action and vision of the goal. He also understood the importance of an evolutionary approach and rejected revolutionary leaps that would always weaken the Russian state. He believed in the people," Patrushev praised Putin.

Rehearsal in the Kremlin
Åslund admits that "the Kremlin is very isolated today, so we know much less than we used to". But he believes that Patrushev's speech about Putin in the past tense and his black suit are, like Professor Soloviev's remarks, a kind of rehearsal. "It looks as if the Kremlin is preparing Russia for Putin's death," the expert muses.

In addition, Patrushev read a statement a few days ago assigning blame for Russia's war against Ukraine to the United States, and made no mention of the so-called "Ukrainian Nazis" or justification for the invasion.

He literally said, "There is no war between the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia, there is only open aggression by the United States. That is why Russia must defend its land and people. (...) No one benefits from the conflict in Ukraine except the United States."

Patrushev's monologue was probably not a conciliatory message to Ukraine and an expression of a desire to reconcile with it. Indeed, Patrushev also said last week that the war in Ukraine only makes the use of nuclear weapons more likely.

Neither Katz nor Åslund thinks Putin is dead. But Katz thinks that when it happens, we will know it by the open struggle between Putin's top minions vying for power, concludes American political analyst Jason Jay Smart.
He’s been seen in fairly recent days though, unless it’s a double..
This is in German unfortunately, but there is some analysis of all his doubles here:
Reminds me of a recurring Spitting Image sketch about a previous Russian dictator - Brezhnev, dying every few minutes and replacement lookalikes being pushed out into view.
Not a 'head photoshopped onto body' shock - more like 'ageing bloke with fat neck' shock.
He looks like He's on corticosteriods in this one, and the unintentional hand movements does make me question his health.
This is in German unfortunately, but there is some analysis of all his doubles here:

I translated the most important parts:

Do you know why many people in Russia, but also in Ukraine, had a pretty sleepless night on the night of 26 to 27 October? Well, that was due to two posts on two different Telegram channels, nothing more.

One post consisted of just two words: ("Tiran mjortw" (Тиран мертв) https://t.me/VDSolovey/497 - 27.10.2023, 0:31 MOZ

The other one was more detailed:
"Attention! An attempted coup d'état is taking place in Russia right now! Russia's President Vladimir Putin died this evening at his residence in Valdai. At 8.42pm Moscow time, doctors stopped resuscitation and pronounced his death. Now the doctors are locked in the room with Putin's body, they are being held by the president's security officers on the personal orders of Dmitry Kotschnev [the head of the bodyguard], who is in contact with Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, and receives instructions from him. The security of the president's double has been tightened. Active negotiations are underway. Any attempt to pass off the double as president after Putin's death is a STATE STRIKE. https://t.me/generalsvr/1845 , 26.10.2023, 22:41 MOZ

Perhaps even quite literally: because the next morning the same source followed up:

"No respect for the deceased. Putin's body was placed in a freezer in the presidential residence in Waldai, where frozen food had previously been stored." https://t.me/generalsvr/1847 - 27.10.2023, 10:43 MOZ)

One source of the rumours about the dictator's death is an anonymous channel on Telegram and YouTube, which calls itself "General SWR" here and there. "SWR" is the abbreviation for the Russian foreign intelligence service. This "General SWR" feeds his proud number of now 465,000 subscribers on Telegram every morning from Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. Moscow time. Once a week, a mysterious "Viktor Mikhailovich" also posts on the General SVR YouTube channel of the same name, which has 220,000 subscribers - and reports roughly the same things as they are written on Telegram.

The other source is quite different: he is a rather charming historian from Moscow called Valeri Solowej. However, he is better known as a political scientist and communications scholar. From 2007 to 2019, he headed the "Chair of Advertising and Public Relations" at the renowned Moscow University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was then dismissed - due to his very clear oppositional stance towards the Putin regime.

The video then goed on to speculate why this Valeri Solowej has not been eliminated even though he publishes things like "Putin sh*t his pants while falling down the stairs" ...

I've taken a look at that Telegram channel of General SVR. It is really weird. This is the most recent post:
  • Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The other day Alina Kabaeva, the cohabitant of the late Russian President Vladimir Putin, had a nervous breakdown. During a meal Alina Maratovna suddenly began to break dishes and chaotically scatter cutlery, after which she began to cry hysterically. Security representatives tried to calm Kabaeva down and urgently called medics. In order to calm Alina, security officers had to use force, only after that the medics were able to give Kabaeva an injection and a few minutes later the hysteria stopped. Since Putin's death, Alina Kabaeva has been under tight custody and heavy security, and her freedom has been restricted. In essence, she is practically under house arrest. Apparently, the drastic change in quality of life, when Alina Maratovna went from a shadowy first lady to a prisoner, has severely affected her mental health. After Kabaeva came to her senses, a psychologist from the FSO spoke to her. Alina was promised improved conditions of detention. She will allegedly be given the opportunity to communicate with friends and family, but under control. How this will be realised and whether these promises will be fulfilled at all, it is not clear yet. Recall, Alina Kabaeva is the mother of the youngest children of the late Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Yesterday, a double of Russian President Vladimir Putin, under the personal supervision of Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, visited Minsk, where he took part in a session of the CSTO Collective Security Council. The half-dead CSTO, at the end of its existence, has lost all meaning. Russia, as a military umbrella for the member states, is no longer a guarantor of security. Now the Russian leadership is trying to save the organisation by promises of all kinds of benefits and threats. But time is irretrievably lost, the CSTO is ending its existence. Assurances from Armenia and Kazakhstan that they are not going to leave the organisation, with the caveat "for the time being", are no longer working. The understudy yesterday made a speech filled with platitudes, which faintly resembled the speech of the head of a superpower. This CSTO summit looks more like a theatre of one actor - Lukashenko, who presents his understanding of what is happening to the grateful audience. After the death of Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko imagines himself the heir to the empire, with no chance of being one. Nevertheless, the trip to Minsk for the doppelganger was conventionally successful, and Patrushev was able to hold several important conversations behind the scenes of the summit.
Is this the Russian QAnon? One Redditor says this, another Redditor says the opposite :)
  • This channel is owned by Valery Solovei, who is just a clown at this point, he regularly comes up with 'insides' which turn out to be complete bullshit, but he does not care and spouts something else, rinse and repeat. Why he does it? Prolly because he wants to increase views or maybe the dude is actually mad and is seeing/hearing things who knows.
  • He hasn't gone crazy. You're more likely to go crazy. The SVR General is an absolutely honest, reliable and reliable source of information. If you don't believe him, you're just crazy. Putin died on October 26. A double appears in public; Patrushev holds power in the country. The SVR general himself wants to seize power, so he acts as he sees fit.
The video also mentions this:
  • Nikolai Patrushev — a former head of the FSB security service who has been backed to succeed Putin — was dressed all in black as he made odd references to the Russian President last week in a video that only emerged on Friday, the Express reported.
  • "Such a leader was Putin, who first served as prime minister, then was elected president and, in accordance with the Constitution, became chairman of the Russian security council. ... He believed in people and the reliability of their support and backing, realised and consciously assumed all responsibility for the salvation of the Fatherland."
  • Gennady Gudkov, an opposition politician and former FSB colonel, reacted to the bizarre video on X, writing to his 250,000 followers, "Patrushev, dressed in black, makes a speech about the great comrade Putin in the past tense: He was, he became, he led, he inspired," Express reported. "Has the memorial service begun? Is it 'Vasilyevich' on the throne? Have Valery Solovei’s predictions come true?"
This is a nice timewaster :)
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I normally stear well clear of conspiracy theories and would include the idea that Putin has already died in that box -however, this is contemporary Russia were talking about and the stage managed nature of much of their statecraft is undeniable.

And then Konstantin of the vlog `Inside Russia` has added his voice to the topic and admitted the possibility of the rumour having some substance. I have been following this guy since the attack on the Ukraine began two years back - in fact we both left Russia at around the same time - and headed for Central Asia. (Unlike him, I am not Russian but was happily living and working there). I don't agree with everything this guy says - he's more enamoured of America than I would be - but I believe him to be an honourable and sober man - and he is someone I listen to.

Some of the facts he highlights are:
* Putin has been staying out of the public eye lately - even for major official engagements.
*He has not - officially - announced his intention to stand again in the coming elections.
* A top Kremlin official is going around making major decisions and talking of Putin in the past tense.
*Many people, including Japanese authorities, are saying that `Putin` looks significantly different now.
Anyway, see what you think:

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Most world leaders have body doubles or even triples. Churchill during WW2 had stand ins. The same with Biden. There seems to be three versions of him. Stand ins are nothing new.
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I'd suggest that ...
Putin staying out of the public eye might be justifiable paranoia - especially after the Pregozhin mutiny.
Him not announcing his standing in future elections might be a precursor to having a stooge publically beg Putin to take part. This would feed in to an image of public adoration.
As far as his appearance is concerned, this can be a natural change over the years. After all, the guy in person would be vastly different from that presented in publicity movies and photos. And, yes - the idea of a body double wouldn't be out of the question especially with my first point.
The Pregozhin mutiny was a staged event to find out who in the upper ranks of the military and government were loyal to Russia and who wasn't. The idea that a few thousand soldiers could march hundreds of miles and take over the Russian government by way of a coup is, and I don't mean this rudely, ridiculous.
Really? Got any links for this?
No, sorry, I haven't but it's not a 'secret' type of thing. I thought it was well known that body doubles are often used for presidents, prime ministers, etc. Some, to my mind, are not particularising convincing but if everyone is expecting to see x then they simply assume that person is x.

There's a video clip of Biden scratching his neck and with realising it, he tears the mask. I'll try and find that video clip.
You sure he wasn't just wearing different clothes?
It wasn't the clothes. His ears were different when the two pictures were put side by side. So was his chin.

I must stress it again, body doubles are nothing new or unusual.
It wasn't the clothes.
I was being facetious.
I must stress it again, body doubles are nothing new or unusual.
But, as usual, just because they're neither new nor unusual it doesn't mean they're being deployed constantly. In wartime they are used for active deception to confuse potential enemy action, usually seen at medium to long range fleetingly. They're almost never viewed at length nor required to speak.
Cheerful Biden mask

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I think Her Majesty the Queen had a double

And if I were to spend a few minutes indulging in speculation, I've had a conspiracy theory bubbling up for over a year about her, but I'm not sure it really matters....
Most world leaders have body doubles or even triples. Churchill during WW2 had stand ins. The same with Biden. There seems to be three versions of him. Stand ins are nothing new.
In the absence of any supporting links as requested I’m filing the ’three Bidens’ story in the ‘nonsense/untrue’ dept.
In the absence of any supporting links as requested I’m filing the ’three Bidens’ story in the ‘nonsense/untrue’ dept.
As you wish.

You could do your own research - like comparing different clips of Biden, etc.

When I come across a clip I will post it.
As you wish.

You could do your own research - like comparing different clips of Biden, etc.

When I come across a clip I will post it.
Yes but why would I spend my time looking for something I don’t believe is true in the first place?

It’s you who finds the story credible therefore it’s up to you to post the evidence to support it.
Maybe they hired the doubles from https://lookalikes.co.uk/
With the possible exceptions of R2d2 and The Stig, non of them look anything like who they are meant to be :p
That site is brilliant - some of them bear literally no resemblance to their supposed lookie-likie!

I defy you to go there and not laugh!

I give you 'Data'!!!

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 15.22.27.png