Strange Deaths

With a chainsaw.....fer Christs Sake, surely nothing can make quite as much mess as a chainsaw. A bad plan badly exicuited.:eek:
When are people going to learn?

Steal a corpse, blow up your car, and split your life insurance with your accomplice. With a little extra effort, you can even have some witnesses testify to your unfortunate demise. Buy a new identity and move far away. Repeat process when you run out of money. Hey, it worked for me. Er... I mean... it sounds like a good idea...
The chainsaw does seem to have a strange siren call to a certain kind of man. I've often wondered why anyone should be attracted to something so obviously dangerous.

I have noticed though that some people seem to have a self destruct button in their heads and perhaps it's this button that attracts us to implements like the chainsaw.

To have one person in your family who thought it would work might be bad luck. To have 2 sounds like carelessness
There was an even more entertaining story in FT a couple of years back, about a group of Russian or Polish drunks who started showing off with chainsaws. One cut off a toe, another a hand, and the third said, 'Watch this, Comrades!' and sliced his own head off..............
intaglio said:
To have one person in your family who thought it would work might be bad luck. To have 2 sounds like carelessness
Sounds like Genes to me! As Schnor says, give 'em a Darwin Award.
Wow, nice hood ornament

ST. PETERSBURG -- A man beheaded his rival during an early morning fight Monday and then placed the severed head on the hood of a car for neighbors to see, police said.

Officers came upon the scene as the man was trying to arrange a mirror in front of the decapitated head. Police said the suspect, Dennis George Roache, 34, has a history of mental illness.

``One officer at the scene said this was the most gruesome thing he'd seen in a really long time,'' police spokesman George Kajtsa said.

Police were called to the home in south St. Petersburg shortly before 8:30 a.m. by a woman who said she had barricaded herself in a bathroom when her former boyfriend broke into the home of her current boyfriend, Gregory L. Shannon, 18.

The woman told police Roache was wielding a 2½-foot machete. Police said he'd bought the machete Sunday at a Pinellas Park flea market.

Roache and Shannon began fighting and Shannon was stabbed several times with the machete. Roache then used the machete to decapitate Shannon, Kajtsa said. Roache then walked out of the house carrying the head in full view of neighbors, including a little girl on her way to school, police said. They watched in horror as he placed the head on the hood of a parked car facing the street and began adjusting the rear-view mirror.

``He was adjusting the mirror so the head, if it were alive, could see itself,'' Kajtsa said.

Police arrived four minutes after the woman placed her call, just as Roache was adjusting the mirror.

The woman, still barricaded inside the house, was not injured.

``He didn't give the officers any trouble at the scene,'' Kajtsa said. Later at the police station, though, Roache became unruly during questioning and was transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

Roache is being held without bail on a first-degree murder charge. He did not yet have an attorney representing him Monday afternoon.
Many moons ago, I used to live in Manchester, and there was this place that called itself something like "Doll's hospital." Presumably it carried out repairs and refurbishments of dolls, teddy-bears etc. The slightly disturbing thing about it though was that it had an ambulance, which was a car with the decapitated head of a teddy bear on the bonnet. At the time that it had originally been done, this may have been slightly cute, but having been exposed to the elements (well, actually in Manchester there was only one - rain,) it was now degrading badly and had a very decayed look to it. God only knows what it must have looked like to any children passing by. ;)
It might be a myth, but I've heard that the brain can contiunue perceiving things after decapitation. There are stories from the French Revolution of executed heads blushing and pulling expressions of annoyance when their face was slapped. Very Sorry if this is too morbid, but have we any way of knowing if it could be true?
It seems to be true. There has been done some experiments back during the revolution. Apparently they can remain conscious for about 6 seconds afterwards.
chainsaw deaths

This is fair dinkum mates, I recently bought a new chainsaw from Huskvana you know the Swedes make em.Anyway there is a warning in the instructions.Do not use genitals to stop chain?I hadn't thought of that , must give it a go.
Re: chainsaw deaths

wildman said:
This is fair dinkum mates, I recently bought a new chainsaw from Huskvana you know the Swedes make em.Anyway there is a warning in the instructions.Do not use genitals to stop chain?I hadn't thought of that , must give it a go.
Brings a whole new meaning to the term "I'm Hard, I am" :D
But it does make you wonder why they have to put such a warning in with the machine, who tried it? why did they try it? why didn't htey get a mention in FT?
chainsaw deaths

Being a devout coward, I must pass the challange to Intaglio to be the first chainsaw genital Fortean,could lead to a great career in the personal beauty industry.The adds would be great,come to the cut price beauty salon,slash your costs,etc the list goes on.
Twenty die in Indian sewer

story arrived from here

[Lucknow, March 14] - At least 20 potential army recruits are believed to have been killed after they fell into a large septic tank in India. The surivors then went on a rampage.
Superintendent Rajesh Pande said more than 5 000 youths responding to a recruitment drive had gathered on an open piece of ground in the northern Indian town when the accident occurred.

"A large number were standing on the cover of the tank, when it suddenly gave way and they plunged through," Pande said, adding that the accident sparked panic.

"So far we have managed to recover 15 bodies, and we are trying to extricate five more bodies which are in the tank," he said.

People standing on the sides got pushed into the tank as panic broke out when the cover gave way.

Some of the would-be recruits, angered by the incident, burned a bus and damaged some passing vehicles, but Pande said the police had brought the situation under control.
This could be interesting, especially if any of the survivors were high caste. :(
Hockey spectator death

You know, I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen more often in baseball:

Girl, 13, dies after getting hit by puck at NHL game

Associated Press

Published Mar 19, 2002
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A 13-year-old girl died two days after she was hit in the head by a hockey puck that flew into the stands during an NHL game.

Brittanie Cecil died Monday night, Children's Hospital said Tuesday. The girl was struck by a shot early in the Columbus Blue Jackets' 3-1 victory over the Calgary Flames on Saturday night.

``Our fans mean the world to us,'' said Doug MacLean, Blue Jackets general manager. ``This loss has profound effect on the entire Blue Jackets family.''

Witnesses said the shot by the Blue Jackets' Espen Knutsen flew over the high glass at the west end of the rink, glanced off another spectator and hit the girl on the head.

National Hockey League spokesman Frank Brown said he could not recall any other fan killed by a puck.

He said one NHL player, Bill Masterson, died in 1968 from injuries suffered in a fall during a game.

Teams warn spectators over the public-address system about pucks flying into the crowd. They also place warnings on scoreboards and on the back of each ticket.

Although rare, spectators have been killed and seriously injured at hockey games, particularly in the low minor leagues and the amateur ranks where the glass is not as high around the rink.
happy birthday

Her parents brought her to the game to celebrate her birthday which would have been tommorrow,tragic, I would be surprised if we didn't hear from their attorney, arguements could be about raising glass level, or enclosing the playing surface somehow?poor girl
Kowalski fell from Hancock?

In the mid-70s, a woman named Lorraine Kowalski supposedly fell (jumped or was pushed) from the Hancock Tower in Chicago. She was naked when she fell from her apartment on the 92nd floor. No one can quite figure out how the glass that is so thick, even a fireman's axe can't break it, was broken. And, until September 11, she held the record for the highest fall from a building.

Anyone know anything more about this?
This is all I could find online:

Nothing about a naked woman falling out.

Here's another trivia blurb I found about the building:

"The sixty-story John Hancock Tower in Boston, U.S.A. is
haunted by one of the more mysterious problems in
skyscraper history: its windows, huge 4-by-11-foot panes
of glass, pop out unexpectedly and shatter on the street
below. The building, completed in 1972, was less than a
month old when suddenly dozens of its windows began
popping for no discernible reason. Determined to remedy
the situation, the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance
Company replaced all 10,334 windows with 400-pound
sections of half-inch tempered glass. The windows kept
popping out. Today the mystery remains unsolved, and
windows occasionally still pop. To protect passers-by,
John Hancock has hired two permanent guards who do
nothing but peer up and spot the cracked panes before
they tumble to the sidewalk."
That's an interesting story. The Hancock Tower in Chicago, though, was completed in 1973. It's a big black affair with crossing girders around the outside and the edges tilt slightly upward, making it look like an obelesk.

I haven't been able to find out about it either...except what I relayed.

I'll keep everyone posted what I find.
'ghost plane'

Inquest fails to solve mystery of 'ghost plane' that flew for six hours
By Kathy Marks in Sydney
13 September 2002
One of Australia's most mysterious air accidents is destined to remain unexplained for ever. An inquest into the deaths of eight men whose plane flew unpiloted across the Outback for six hours before crashing on a remote cattle station proved inconclusive.

The twin-propeller Beechcraft Super King Air 200 apparently lost cabin pressure soon after take-off from Perth, and the pilot and seven passengers were all dead or unconscious as it flew nearly 2,000 miles on a silent "ghost flight" across the continent. Air traffic controllers frantically trying to make contact could hear only the pilot's laboured breathing and were forced to watch helplessly as the doomed plane flew through the night and into oblivion.

It finally ran out of fuel and plunged to the ground near Mount Isa, in western Queensland, bursting into flames.

Alistair Hope, the Western Australia coroner, said yesterday that the men – all bound for a gold-mining town north-east of Perth – were clearly dead or incapacitated for most of the flight. But determining whether they lost consciousness because of oxygen deprivation or inhaling toxic fumes was an impossible task.

Mr Hope severely criticised the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which he said had failed to co-operate with other agencies and did not order full toxicology reports on the victims until a year after the crash in September 2000.

The men, all employees of one of Australia's biggest gold producers, Sons of Gwalia, were returning to a mine at Leonora after a two-week break in Perth. In the final stages of the chartered plane's eerie journey, it was shadowed by several other aircraft that tried in vain to make contact and watched powerlessly as it fell to the ground.

Anthony Ayliffe, a Melbourne air traffic controller, wept as a recording of his last conversation with the pilot, Ken Mosedale, was played at the inquest. Mr Ayliffe tried to contact Mr Mosedale half an hour after take-off, when the plane – which had departed safely from Perth – was at 25,600ft, 600ft above its authorised altitude.

Asked to verify his position, the pilot replied: "Sierra, Kilo, Charlie ... um ... stand-by." For the next nine minutes, the tape recorded only silence punctuated by breathing and background noises as Mr Mosedale's microphone switched itself on and off before going dead. Mr Ayliffe told the court of his sense of hopelessness when he failed to get a reply.

The bureau believes the plane became depressurised soon after take-off and flew on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel.
Wife killed by husband's spooge

Husband's sperm kills woman

A Romanian woman has died from an allergy to her husband's sperm.

He told doctors they knew about her allergy to proteins in semen but didn't always use a condom when they had sex.

A doctor from the hospital in Negresti which treated the woman said it was a rare case.

Dr Corneliu Ciocirlan told the Libertatea newspaper: "We did all that we could to save the patient's life but with no success. These allergies to sperm are extremely rare but very serious. I have never seen anything like this before."

Cristina Dumitru's husband, Grigore, said: "It all started a year ago when we married. She was choking and feeling very sick after we had sex without using condoms. This last time was even worse and I took her to the hospital but she died very soon."

Cristina, who was 25 and from Ipatele, in Iasi county, discovered she had an allergy several months ago after medical tests. Libertatea reports doctors told her she had to avoid contact with human sperm because she was allergic to it.
Re: Wife killed by husband's spooge

Ogopogo said:
...avoid contact with human sperm because she was allergic to it...

Only human sperm, eh? Animal jism OK then? Baboon's spoo fine and dandy? Bring on the coatimundi's mess?
Man Dies in Booby-Trapped House

Story from Yahoo :

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian man died of a gunshot wound after setting booby-traps throughout his house using hunting rifles and explosives, to police and local news reports said Sunday.

The 80-year-old former chemical engineer had apparently set the traps to prevent his children from entering the house after a family dispute in the town of Aiseau-Presles near Charleroi, south of Brussels, the local Belga news agency said.

Police, who had worked from before dawn searching and dismantling the traps, had yet to determine whether the man died from self-inflicted wounds or one of his own traps, it said.

"(The traps are in) the whole house," a police officer told the RTBF television network. "It's very, very dangerous."

They were set to go off with the opening of a door or some other makeshift trigger, the officer said.

From what I remember this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened. Will people ever learn??
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry, but I think I'm allowed to laugh at my fellow countrymen.