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[Emp edit: Some contact details so you can get in touch if there are problems:]

Subscriptions bureau

[email protected]

0845 126 1054 (UK)
00 44 1458 271 164 (world)

The opening times are (UK times):
Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.00
Saturday 09.00 - 13.00

If there are any problems with that you can contact the Subscriptions Executive at the Dennis:

[email protected]
Phone: 020-7907 6148

Full contact details:


Anyone else having trouble with subscribtions in Europa.
The last few months there getting later and later.
Still havnt recieved no.153 and i,m getting withdrawl syptoms.
Personally the last six months its getting worse.
Whats going on
sort it out FT
I still haven't got iss. 153. I emailed the subs people and they said they would send me another copy, implying that the first got lost in the post. More likely they're running late and I will eventually get my original copy...?
From the title, I thought this was going to be about the Kursk...!
I got it yonks ago... (it is the one with the soundwave weapons in, isn't it?)
I thought he was referring to the NEW Russian sub that was just released several years ahead of schedule. It's larger than any of ours and quiter, if I come across the link again I'll throw it in here......
well its still not here.
Thanks for the feedback ppl.
Check your subscription status

This happened to me too. I called up their subs department and was told that my subscription had been cancelled. It wasn't me!
So I re-subscribed and got a free mug, but I had to go out and buy the current issue.

You might as well cancel your subscription every couple of years and get some more free stuff anyway.
still not here and there not answerd my email eithere.
Think i might cancell my sub and get a freind in England to buy it and post it.
May not be as cheap but a whole lot faster.
well i finely got a reply.
Seems they say my sub was being procesed when the last issue was sent out.
So my issue is on the way happy happy joy joy.
Know if everyone can be quite about the content then i,ll be content-.
IFG Subscriptions

I can't hold it in anymore. I'm very annoyed with IFG, particularly since they don't seem to be able to get the basics right.
My first problem was that FT disappeared from being delivered to an address in the UK for no apparent reason a few months ago. I would have imagined delivering a magazine every month to the same address would be a piece of cake, but I guess not. On the upside, they were good at fixing the problem and sent me the outstanding issues with no hassle.
Now, I've used their electronic form to get my address changed from UK to overseas. No FT this month. No acknowledgement of the request, nothing. As an overseas reader I have to rely on using the website as calling the hotline is rarely convenient due to the time difference. A simple email acknowledging the request has been received would be a good start. But now it seems that even this request has proved too difficult. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt the first time, but I'm not so understanding now. Has anyone else encountered problems with IFG? If so, I suggest they rename themselves NFG. :mad:
we have all had problems recently with IFG, but all us UK subscribers got a nice letter saying sorry and begging us to keep subscribing. so maybe this month they may get it right for you.
They did say it might take a little while to completely sort things out,.

I'd like to thank IFG for cancelling my subscription when I didn't ask them to. Six years of subscription finally at an end, despite asking them to do something really very simple. No email, no explanation, just a cancellation notice and a cheque when that was not what I asked for at all. Rubbish.
Don't even get me started. I'm STILL waiting for a refund on the issue they never bothered sending me (they ran out of the one I was missing) and this is a good 6 weeks down the line. I have cancelled my subscription, lame excuses or not. They tried to tell me it was a problem at my end, which would obviously explain why every other magazine subs we have arrives perfectly well. Then they sent out the afroementioned apology, so evidently it wasn't our local postie on the purloin, as they tried to imply.
When I get my cash back, I NEVER want to have to deal with them again, I'll take my chances with WHSmiths.
mrchopper said:
we have all had problems recently with IFG, but all us UK subscribers got a nice letter saying sorry and begging us to keep subscribing. so maybe this month they may get it right for you.

Eh? when was this, i never got 'owt????
I got a polite Email reply to my enquiry about my sub saying that the order had been processed (and the money has been taken). I thought it would be normal to send an email to confirm the receival of an order but it seems not. I have no idea when I'll get my first issue but I hope ther won't be any problems. It all does seem a bit unprofessional. Can't buy FT in the shops here either.
My request was really very simple - instead of delivering to a UK address, to change to a US address whilst still paying via direct debit from a UK bank account. All that would be required would be a change of address, and I was willing to accept the added expense. I explained this all very carefully via their email service (which appears to be either overwhelmed or ignored) and a couple of weeks later I was an FT short and received a cheque for a cancelled subscription.
Now I have to sign up for a US subscription, which is for a fixed term rather than a rolling direct debit, and they don't accept AMEX, my only credit card. I now have to write a check, mail with cover note, and hope I don't move on from the US or else I will have to rag them for a refund. In which time I've missed about three issues.
Very poor indeed.
Now I'm getting shafted by the US branch of IFG subscriptions. No mag this month (now last month) and all because I suspect they got my address wrong, despite the fact I sent my subscription by post so I'd have it written down for them but no, they omit my apartment number so I was lucky to get any so far.

If this doesn't improve I'm pulling the plug. I don't have time deal with stupid, avoidable BS like this.

:furious: :furious: :furious: :furious:
I still think that those of us who have remained loyal subscribers during this difficult time should receive some kind of free gift, maybe a coffee mug, like those ones that change colour when you get them hot. :yeay:

I do think it's unfair that they woo new subscribers with the promise of gifts and we loyal old-timers get nary a dicky-bird (sorry beak).

I want a 'Cats of War' mug that they did some time ago with all those little cartoon moggies with the tin hats . . .

Not to mention the Fortean Studies "offer" that appeared in the last issue which had no basis in reality. :mad:
Where can one get Fortean Studies?
Beak, see this thread, unless you already have. First it was a lie, then it wasn't... please don't tell me it is again?! :D
I'm no prude but...

OK, maybe IFG aren't very good at organising subscriptions etc - I expect they'll sort it out. At least the pages and pages of ads for penis developers, 'chat' lines etc seem to have disappeared.
About time if you ask me.
I'm a bit narked about all the freebies fixed-term subscribers keep getting. How about us rolling subscription people? It's just not fair.
That's what I must be on, a rolling subscription. I've been waiting for my sub to run out for about 2 years now. Dur.
That's interesting. Until recently I thought I still had a rolling subscription. Waited three weeks for FT164 - i.e. two weeks after I first saw it on sale in W H Smith - before finally ringing up to find out what the problem was.

A couple of fairly unproductive chats with IFG's "customer service" advisors revealed that my subscription had been cancelled because (apparently) my bank had cancelled the Direct Debit authorisation, although IFG couldn't/wouldn't provide me with any evidence as to when, or why. "All done automatically" was the mantra, although the automation clearly didn't run to sending me anything by way of confirmation or explanation.

First I had heard about any of this, so my next phone call was to my bank. Not so, they informed me. A perfectly valid Direct Debit authorisation in favour of IFG Publications was still extant but had not been claimed against since May of this year.

Could I get anybody from IFG to take this on board when I rang them back?

Could I bollocks! I still have no clear idea what the problem was. Heard a lot of BS and non-explanation from the shift supervisor, with the upshot being that there was now no way of reinstating the subscription. so I would have to take out a fresh one.

At the current - higher - rate, naturally.

Probably against my better judgement I have done just that. FT165 arrived today, which is fair enough, but I have yet to receive Fortean Studies 7, the advertised free introductory gift. Given recent experiences and looking at some of the other postings in this forum I am not holding my breath, even though my application was received on 15/10.

Apologies for the rant, everybody. I have been purchasing FT for the last ten years and it's my favourite publication, bar none. That said, after recent experiences I am fast forming the impression that IFG is ill-equipped to do justice either to the magazine or its subscribers.