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Jul 19, 2004
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This September 2021 article from The Conversation provides another overview of the history and sacred / cultural significance of tattoos.
What Ötzi the prehistoric iceman can teach us about the use of tattoos in ceremonial healing or religious rites

... This 5,300-year-old mummy is not only perhaps Europe’s most famous mummy, but also one of the most significant finds for those who study the global history of tattoos.

Ötzi was adorned with 61 tattoos that were incredibly preserved by the glacial climate.

The meaning of those tattoos has been debated ever since his discovery by the two hikers. Many of Ötzi’s tattoos were found to be lines drawn along areas such as the lower back, knees, wrists and ankles, areas where people most often experience ongoing pain as they age. Some researchers believe these tattoos to be an ancient treatment for pain. Various herbs known to have medicinal properties were found in close proximity to Ötzi’s resting place, lending further credence to this theory. ...

However, not all of Ötzi’s tattoos were on places usually affected by the wear and tear of everyday life on joints. Ötzi also sported tattoos on his chest. Theories of the purpose behind this set of tattoos, which were discovered using new imaging techniques in 2015, range from early acupuncture or ceremonial healing rituals to being part of a system of ritual or religious beliefs. ...

As a tattoo historian and scholar, I have seen how tattoos have historically been used for ceremonial healing, religious rites and to show belonging to both cultural and religious groups throughout the ancient world and leading all the way up to modern times. ...


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Mar 12, 2015
So that's what face masks are being used for now.


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Aug 24, 2001
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In an example of the tabloid for lazily plundering chat sites for stories, the Daily Mirror website has a feature lifted verbatim from Reddit about a woman who objects to another woman's new tattoo.
The ink in question forms the name of the two women's mutual newborn grandchild.

I didn't read much as it's crap :chuckle: but it made me wonder what passes for news in some households.

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Feb 17, 2017
I could think of better things to do with $42,000 (if I had a vagina):

British model spends $42,000 to tattoo her private parts​

An OnlyFans model claims she has the most heavily tattooed vagina in the world after spending $42,000 to needle her privates.
A British OnlyFans star says she has the most heavily tattooed vagina in the world, with an artist needing five separate sessions to needle her labia.
Over the years, Becky Holt, 34, has spent more than $42,000 on a tattoo “bodysuit” with artworks adorning her entire frame, from her face to her feet, The NY Post reports.

The blonde made sure not to neglect her pubic region, and recently sought to have the sensitive area inked — despite an intense amount of agony it caused.