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The Devil In The Dark


Justified & Ancient
Jul 30, 2003
So yesterday I went with a couple of friends for an overnight ghost hunt event at the Ancient Ram Inn. The 800 year old inn, in the Cotswolds village of Wotton-Under-Edge has featured on every tv and online ghost hunting show over the years and like many such places is widely promoted as "THE" most haunted/active place in the country. Today it exists exclusively for paranormal events and ghost hunting groups. The place itself is full to bursting with junk shop/curiosity shop ornaments and props to create a very pleasing sense of spookiness.

I'll not go into great detail about the evening itself, save to say it fit the same pattern as the two previous occasions ive been on "ghost hunts"...a few electronic items lighting up, ouija boards that can't spell and people enthusiastically reporting when they felt cold. Or sensed there was someone nearby in the dark. But no apparitions im afraid. And as ever the really good stuff happened "last weekend". It always does.

But my mate, Y, had a couple of odd experiences. He's very tech/gadget minded and has a smart watch. At one point it started doing something he didn't know it could do...it began ringing 999, the emergency number, seemingly spontaneously. It also reset its own time to 9:45pm and stayed there right up until we left after 3 am. I throw those in as additional curiosities. The subject of this thread is a very strange detail in a photo he took.

One session took place in what is referred to as the barn. I think there were about 8 of us (we'd been split up into two groups) plus one of the two event organisers. We'd been in the barn earlier all together for a holding hands in a circle in the pitch black thing, but this was a smaller group come back to try another experiment. Y had taken two or three pics of the back of this room. The only person in that location was his partner J, who doesn't show up in the dark. However in one of the pictures, to the left of where J had been, there is a strange shape, which when zoomed in looks.....well......


I'll get to the point ...the faint orangey patch to the left of the picture when he zoomed in - within minutes of taking it by the way, not the next day - had the appearance of a face. I've adjusted the brightness and levels to bring out the clearest detail. I don't know about you but i see every feature of a face, right down to a moustache and van dyke beard, broad nose, lips....

Again, for clarity, this was not visible in the shots before or after, there was no mannequin or other prop in the room...we shone torches at the spot...J was seated to the right of that spot at the time of the pic so no other members of the group were there., and no one present during the evening had any of those facial features. The only mundane explanation remaining is pareidolia. But if it is just a trick of the light and imagination it's a good one.