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The Georgia Pig Man


Android Futureman
Aug 7, 2002
Whilst looking at Georgia weirdness, I came across this:


It has been many years since a sighting, but old swampers call him the South Georgia Pig Man. Over the years reported sightings have persisted in and around the area, especially deep in the remote recesses of the swamp. Reports describe the creature as a large ape like being, that walks upright, has abundant hair and a nose similar to a pig. Observers have commented on a skunk like odor that has accompanied the sightings. There have been no reports of hostility or aggression, in fact the creature was referred to as timid and shy with sad expressive eyes. These sightings have many details in common with creature sightings documented in the Everglades. A missing link referred to as the Florida Skunk Ape. Could it be possible these beings are related genetically? Before development transformed Florida, these man like creatures might have migrated. One of their routes could have been by way of the Kissimmee River Valley up along the Lake Wales Ridge to the extensive game rich swamps associated with the St. John’s River Basin. The migration would have passed right by what is today the city of Jacksonville onward to the Okefenokee and beyond.

Which seems to indicate that Pig Man is a local variation of Bigfoot. But then I came across this:

Hawkinsville - Pig Man's Bridge - A man was part of a circus at one time. He trained pigs and they did tricks. It is said that he was mean to the pigs and that when he got to old to travel he settled under this bridge and built pigpens on the hill. The pigs ended up killing the man and now the man haunts the bridge and has a face of a pig.

Which seems like the whole thing could be two colliding legends/sightings. And I couldn't find any other Pig Man sightings, but perhaps they are out there and not just a Georgia phenomenon.
There's a Pig Lady in New Jersey who haunts Pig Lady Road (I'm not sure if that's the roads actual name). In searching for it I found this page which you can only see if it's cached.
Beware of the Pig People
Hillsborough, NJ
Vancouver, BC

Show 4
Pigs are weird little creatures- Sloppy, chubby, evil and even sometimes cute. So they naturally make good fodder for tales and legends. Those that work with, associate with, or even look like pigs can make tales darker and more intriguing. Vancouver Pig Farmer Robert Pickton is suspected of killing 60 women at his “Piggy Palace” during the 1980s. There are tall tales of a dark and creepy Pig Lady’s bridge in Maryland. New Jersey also has its share of swine stories- from a pig farmer in Hibernia preying on little children to the Pig Woman of the Hall Mills Murder Trial.

Jane Gibson was a key witness in a famous double murder of a prominent minister and his lover. She was a pig farmer that claimed to witness the shocking and scandalous murder of a minister and his mistress in a field outside of New Brunswick. Her nickname was given to her because so many doubted her creditability so severely that they even questioned her name. During the trial she was very ill and wheeled into the Somerville Courthouse on her hospital bed to testify. Needless to say the murder was never solved.
The Popular magazine Weird NJ and various websites also feature reader interest in the sightings of the Pig Lady of Hillsborough. While the magazine makes a leap to conclude the Pig Lady of Hillsborough could be a myth built from the Pig Woman of the Hall-Mills murder no one can be sure. This lady is apparently some demented half-pig, half-woman beast that will appear, attack, or chase you should you do one and/or all of these theorized things just past the Railroad Tracks on Roycefield Road in Hillsborough:

-Flash your lights, beep your horn and yell “Pig Lady”
-Turn your car off, flash your lights three times then yell “Pig Lady” and look in the rearview mirror
-Drive down the roped off road and beep your horn.
-Throw a penny over the stone wall into the well and look in the water.
-Let someone out of the car, yell Pig Lady, and leave for 10 minutes.
-Just Drive by at Midnight and she’ll jump out in the Road.
-Moon the railroad tracks at night
-Get really spooked out and imagine you see her, then tell all your friends.

Hometown Tales strongly discourages trespassing of any kind.


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Barnes and Noble, 2004
The suggestion that the "Pig Lady" might be sourced in the "Pig Woman" of Hall/Mills seems to me to be putting the cart before the horse. The Pig Woman may have gotten attached to the Pig Lady, but since Pig Ladies (as discussed in an FT Magazine article at one time) have a long history, the reverse isn't likely to be true.

The rituals and locations for attracting the Pig Lady in New Jersey are remarkably similar to those for attracting the Donkey Lady in Texas. The Donkey Lady is sometimes associated with La Llorona (who sometimes appears with a horse's head), but is essentially a lover's lane monster who roams isolated spots on all fours, insane after the fire that killed her husband and children and maimed her so that she looks and sounds like a donkey. You attract her by getting out of your car and braying like a donkey, and she then attacks you. In some versions, she cuts of your head, but since her hands are like hooves now and she's running around the brush naked, it's not clear how she accomplishes this.
but since her hands are like hooves now and she's running around the brush naked, it's not clear how she accomplishes this.

I'm sure that she hones the edges of her hooves so they're sharp as sickles! (At least that's what I'd do if I were a donkey lady.)