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Jul 13, 2011
Hobbs End
A man looking for a psychic has splashed out on a huge roadside ad - but refuses to put his contact details as a real medium will "know where to apply".

The mystery person contacted signage company Mandoemedia and forked out an unspecified amount for the advert to go live near a busy commuter route in Manchester on August 18.

Steve Baxter, from, said "We were contacted by an individual to place this advert seeking a psychic.

"Initially we thought it was a joke but the individual explained they were deeply serious and wanted to find a genuine psychic.

"They felt the best way to do that would be to put out a 'psychic wanted advert with no contact information because a good psychic would know exactly when, where, and how to contact them.


Aug 19, 2003
Sadly he didn't see it coming.

Gardaí investigating the murder of psychic Stefan Posschier are expected to question a suspect in the case in the coming days before an examination of the murder scene by the force’s forensic experts is concluded.

Detectives conducting the inquiry into the killing of Mr Posschier (65) at his home in Co Westmeath have already gathered a large amount of information and technical evidence and plan to put that to the suspect when they interview him. The crime scene is also expected to remain sealed off, making it available to the Garda Technical Bureau if a new examination or fresh forensic tests are required at the scene in response to the suspect’s replies.

Gardaí are hopeful the results of technical examinations on the victim’s clothing and the crime scene can be cross-checked with samples taken from the suspect to either link him to the killing or exonerate him. Sources stressed the inquiry is ongoing and while gardaí are pursuing a main line of inquiry, detectives are keeping an open mind.

Mr Posschier, who has a number of adult children, was found dead at his home in Rattin, near Kinnegad, at about 6pm on Tuesday. A family member discovered his remains, wrapped in plastic, in the garden of the detached house. The property was sealed off immediately after gardaí arrived.

Mr. Banooka

Abominable Snowman
Jul 7, 2009
The other day we were watching something where someone was doing a psychic reading when our eleven year old said "I'm going to be a psychic when I'm older". I commented something like "Well, your predictions will probably be just as accurate". My wife asked him "Why do you think you would make a good psychic". His response, "Well I am good at making up stories". At no time previously have we ever discussed psychics or mediums with the kids. This was completely out of the blue.

Interestingly, they both go to a church school, but both have recently said that they don't believe in God. Again not something we discuss at home as we are happy for the school to teach them morals, and both myself and my wife believe it's up to the kids to make up their own minds on religion anyway.