The Roman Catholic Church


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Aug 2, 2001
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A rather click-baity piece in the Guardian.

It's about a French book, which purports to reveal the secrets of that murky cubicle:

"He said that once a couple in their 50s took turns confessing. The woman went first and revealed that she had been cheating on her husband with a male friend of the couple. Then the man confessed that he had also been cheating on his wife with a male friend of the couple. It turns out that they were both having it off with the same man."

So! Just that sort of stuff, then, is it?

I heard better, as a lad, when my ears were pricked up outside the confessional, with its lovely, glowing red-cross light aglow on the door, to show himself - or maybe just the priest - was at home!

The priest was very deaf and the old ones were careless about shutting the door.

So interesting they were, the ancient ones, that I would let several go ahead of me, pleading my own unreadiness for the Holy Sacrament, in order to hear the sins of those who thought they were! o_O
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