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He gives von Koenigswald's discovery of large primate molars as his main reason from believing it possible.

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But what does a Yeti look like?

These statues are due to be sent around the world to advertise Nepal as a tourist destination

A row over the yeti has pitted experts against officials - and, for once, it is not about whether or not the mythical creature actually exists.

Instead, it is how the creature looks.

"This is not right. The government can't just do as it wants," passer-by Reshma Shrestha says, shaking her head in front of the 7ft (2.1m) tall statue at the centre of a row.

"If you did not tell me, I would not have known that it was a yeti."

The arrival of the first of more than 100 statues emblazoned with the words "Visit Nepal" was supposed to be the start of a year-long celebration of what the small Himalayan nation had to offer to the outside world.

They will soon be popping up across the country - at popular tourist attractions, trade centres, airports and some of the base camps in the Himalayas - as well as travelling further afield to act as mascots in cities around the world.

But the launch of the tourism drive, which aims to bring two million tourists to the region, has been somewhat overshadowed by the row over the statues' appearance.

French documentary on the yeti. The tracks filmed are clearly a bear's. Any French speakers out there able to translate?