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U.S. Military: UFO Investigations, Knowledge & Disclosure

The real reason why the Western governments investigate Unidentified Flying Objects...?

"But one of the most chilling outcomes of the Cold War nuclear stand-off that followed was the fear that a nuclear device could be smuggled into the West by air or sea…and there was no effective method to detect its presence - until it was too late

Serving on the IRC panel of 1950-54 was Graham Turney of the MoD’s Directorate of Scientific Intelligence. Turney, a wartime naval intelligence chief, also chaired the meetings of a secret Whitehall Working Party that had been created to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (known as ‘flying saucers’ at that time).

This tiny detail might help explain why the US authorities have. comparatively recently, performed a U-turn in their UFO policy as a direct result of what has become a second Cold War.

For the first time since the 1960s, the Pentagon are treating what they call Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP, as a potential threat to national defence. A UAP is, of course, any intruder aircraft that has not been identified."

Who is trying to kill Lue Elizondo?

In a statement broadcast on The Good Trouble Show UFO podcast yesterday, Lue Elizondo claims that someone is trying to kill him for speaking out about UFOs:

I was notified yesterday that there may be a personal threat against myself and several other whistleblowers formally associated with the UAP effort for the U.S. government. As such, I would like to make this perfectly clear to the American people: I am not prone to accidents! I'm not suicidal! I'm not abusing drugs! I am not engaged in any illicit activities. If something happens to me or my family members in the future, you will know what happened!
I'm curious who informed him of the alleged threat, given that the authorities who might do so would theoretically be the people who are, according to him, most likely to be plotting against him. It would seem counterproductive for UFO conspirators to spill the beans on their murder plots. I guess the UFO conspiracy can keep saucers secret but can't assassinate quietly?

Luis Elizondo worked intelligence from 2008 to 2017 and some of that time was the old UFO office AATIP.

On one of his American History Channel programs in 2017, I was shocked when he said that a group of very religious fellow workers were after him because they equated UFOs to demons.

According to Wikipedia he filed a letter with the government that he was upset that people in the government had a personal “ vendetta “ against him and he resigned his position for his safety.

These things are clear as mud.

It is possible religious fanaticism is another part the UFO picture.
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Senior Military Officer States There Is “Zero Doubt” Non-Human Intelligence Interacting With Humanity Exists And Warns Of Catastrophic Disclosure​

At a prestigious New York City investment event, Colonel Karl Nell, a distinguished retired military chief formerly associated with the U.S. government’s Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Task Force, asserted unequivocally that non-human intelligence exists, is interacting with humanity, and that unelected government bureaucrats are aware of this.

So, the real deal or more disinformation to keep the enemies of the USA guessing...?
Not that anyone will care, but Retired Army Col. Karl Nell who has worked in Space programs, UAP Task Force, and in intelligence has claimed non human beings are here among us.

The Pentagon has denied his allegations.

The Pentagon’ position is no to anything aliens or UFOs saying it is all fantasy.
An article by economist Tyler Cowen. I think he believes in UFOs though I'm not sure. The discussion under his post is more interesting than the post itself. Overall the commenter are sceptical.

Worth a read.


When I think about all this, I try to keep two questions separate. First, is there a major puzzle to account for? And second, what is the best explanation for that puzzle? It helps to focus on the first question in isolation, since we can’t seem to keep our heads on straight when it comes to the second.

By admitting that there is a real puzzle to be solved, the Senate Intelligence Committee has moved decisively to answer the first question. Once we clarify exactly what the puzzle is, maybe we’ll be able to make some progress explaining it.

From the comments:

And a lot of the, well, most events that you look at turn out on investigation to be balloons, drones, and airplanes. So you can kind of, you look at the identified reports, you can, you know, most of them are explainable in terms of those objects. Then there's a group of them that look really intriguing.

And many of them can be explained as optical phenomena in the camera. And this is something I think we're used to as astronomers. We work very hard to design our telescopes and our optical systems so that a bright star or a planet just out of the field of view doesn't show up.

And I think something that many people are familiar with with their cell phone cameras is if you're taking a picture of a friend and the sun is off to the right, even if it's not in the picture, you sometimes, when you look at the image, have reflections within your optics. And there's a famous set of images of rotating triangles. And those rotating triangles can be reproduced easily as the effect of the sun coming through the optics, forget what the plane is, I think it's an F-18.
It seems obvious that Trump only has second-hand accounts and hearsay to go on. He doesn't have any privileged knowledge about aliens. That seems to be the case for everyone on Earth, unfortunately.
It seems obvious that Trump only has second-hand accounts and hearsay to go on. He doesn't have any privileged knowledge about aliens. That seems to be the case for everyone on Earth, unfortunately.
Not everyone...have you ever seen the website Alien Expanse and the thread UFOnauts: What they look like ?
Former head of the past AATIP UFO program, Luis Elizondo, was on Fox TV news complaining about getting death threats daily while he feels like the FBI does nothing to protect him.

Luis tells the TV audience that he is not accident prone, and if he ends up dead, it means he knew too much about UFOs being real.
Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet who also the former director of NOAA strongly criticized the Pentagon claiming that UFOs are hiding in the oceans and no so much in the sky and people should be told.

Tim claims he has heard many stories from the sailors as they watched the UFOs come from the sky to the water.

This is not too far off from WW II British Navy intelligence Ivan T. Sanderson’s claims about UFOs in the oceans some 80 years ago.

Do you realize that the military were worried about UFOs some 80 years ago !
It is no secret that private companies and countries have been trying for years to open a portal or worm hole for a long time.

According to a new episode of Ancient Aliens on the American History Channel rumors claim Area 51 is trying their best to open a portal into a different reality.

Critics of this idea of opening a portal claim this is disastrous because we don’t know what will come through into our world and destroy us.

I personally agree, leave well enough alone.

But the military wants to try to develop the utmost superior weapon.
The results of the Oak Ridge analysis of the alleged UFO material have been released; conclusion; it is not aliens.
The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) published two reports detailing the analysis of a magnesium alloy specimen that has been the subject of much speculation. The specimen, purportedly recovered from a crashed extraterrestrial vehicle in 1947, has been alleged to exhibit extraordinary properties, including functioning as a terahertz waveguide and generating antigravity capabilities.
In 2022, AARO contracted Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to conduct a thorough investigation into the specimen’s origins and properties. According to AARO’s summary on their website, “In 2022, The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) contracted with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to conduct materials testing on a magnesium (Mg) alloy specimen. This specimen has been publicly alleged to be a component recovered from a crashed extraterrestrial vehicle in 1947, and purportedly exhibits extraordinary properties, such as functioning as a terahertz waveguide to generate antigravity capabilities. In April 2024, ORNL produced a summary of findings documenting the laboratory’s methodology to assess this specimen’s elemental and structural characteristics.”
ORNL’s investigation involved a series of advanced tests, including isotopic ratio measurements, elemental composition analysis, and structural characterization using microscopy and spectrometry techniques. The findings, as documented in the reports, indicate that the specimen is of terrestrial origin, according to ORNL. The isotopic composition of the magnesium and lead in the specimen falls within the expected values for terrestrial materials, suggesting that it is not extraterrestrial.
The reports can be found here
Direct links to AARO papers:
Many of the rumours and second-hand accounts alleging that the US government was in possession of alien material were started by people who had heard about this stuff; in fact this material was sent anonymously by someone who called themself 'A Friend', and who claimed his grandpa had picked it up in 1947 from a UFO incident of some sort. This grandad told a ridiculous story about a UFO crash and a telepathic alien survivor who told the US military all about their planet way back in 1947. If any of this were true there would be no need to test a fragment of terrestrial slag for isotopes.

This material has finally been analysed by Oak Ridge and they conclude there is no reason to suspect that it is extraterrestrial, and that it has no unusual properties.
Um - the site was already under constant surveillance by UFO proponents, so this acknowledgement hardly contributed much to the sum total of human knowledge. Groom Lake (Area 51) was the base for U2 and OXCART flights, both of which probably caused a large number of UFO reports from the 1950s to the 1970s.

After that is anyone's guess, but there don't seem to have been many good reports from that region after the 2013 'acknowledgement'. Perhaps the aliens have been moved elsewhere.
A really good article about this 1947 debris here; written before the Oak Ridge analysis, it shows what a bizarre fairy tale it is. No, it didn't come from Roswell, but from a totally forgotten crash at White Sands.

Note that the infamous Travis Taylor was involved with this debris years ago, before he got his PhD; he placed it in a strong electric field, and it wobbled about. The analyst in this article, Nicholas A. Reiter, replicated this wobble, but points out
We did perform a separate replication here, and found that our metal fragment danced about as well in the field of a Van de Graaf. And so did a piece of aluminum foil! Please understand that just about any small unattached mass will dance in the field of a 200,000 volt source!
As so often happens, these stories all fold back to the same small crowd of UFO proponents, who tell each other stories and repeat them back to the media (and Congress) as if they were all unrelated.