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U.S. Subscribers: What Did You Pay?


Justified & Ancient
Jan 22, 2016
After the trouble with the FT website during the transition from IMS doing U.S. subscriptions to the publisher handling them directly, I recently renewed. Or rather, because my current subscription status wasn't being recognized, I ordered a "new" subscription.

I was charged £95.49 for a year, which is what the site said at the time. However, I later took a closer look and:
  • Ever since the subscription information was updated in issue 416, the U.S. rate stated in the magazine has been £70 a year.
  • I received a renewal notice in the mail that said all overseas subscriptions are £70 a year.
  • The web site now lists an annual rate of £70 a year.
I've been corresponding with a nice woman at Diamond who seems to be getting confusing answers when she asks about this, but in the meantime, have any other Americans out there been charged more than £70?
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