UK Ghost Excursions Map


Justified & Ancient
Aug 7, 2002
I'm like to announce my first Android App, a mapping programme that acts a guide to many of the thousands of haunted locations in the UK.

My goal was for it to not only act as a gazetteer but also as a guide as you visit explore the UK, to tell you if any spectres are at hand.

You can query locations and the map will pan there (it uses a third party database based in America, so if you type in a name in the search box, you might need to put "UK" at the end).

If you choose to have your current location made available to the app and you are in the UK, it will show you how close you are to a haunted location
(note that the app does not keep a record of your location or past history and nothing is transmitted to Google, myself or anyone else). There is also a help page if you press the "i" button on the top left hand side, and it includes my contact information if you notice any bugs, problems with locations or suggestions. I don't bite!

I hope you like it. I aim to add new locations every month or two, schedules permitting!