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Jan 9, 2012
Yes, great show, I wonder if Mark Gatiss ever visits these forums? He mentioned time-slips and other Fortean phenomena...

The Sproatley alien in the window case got my attention and found some source information here that includes the alleged photo:


It is a classic example of when the UFO phenomenon/paranormal focuses its attention on one particular household and includes poltergeist-type activity in addition to the craft and entity sightings. It has elements of other classic UFO cases, not least in that it was unpleasant for the family at the centre of it.

Does anyone have anymore on this case and the Hll UFO group? It is a really intriguing and Paul Sinclair has written about a similar, rather dark and distressing case from Yorkshire in the 1990s that involved a garage workshop, car mechanics, poltergeist-type activity some sort of UFO landing (https://truthproof.uk)
Just found this video of Paul Sinclair discussing the Sproatley UFO as featured on 'Uncanny'. There are some new details and a better look t the 'alien' photo:



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Jul 19, 2020
Danny Robbins is on todays eerie Essex podcast.
Not one of my favourites but I might have a listen to see if DR has anything new to say.

I've never listened to that podcast before. The episode was alright and Danny had some interesting things to say, but I wish the hosts wouldn't keep interrupting him! (particularly at the start).

Edit: After listening to that episode, I've booked an 'Uncanny Live' show in the autumn. :D
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Dec 19, 2009
I looked at that link and had to click further to find out where the venue is. Not impressed.
There'll be a screaming woman there anyway.
We have the option of London or Norwich, which is a trek either way. Why they couldn’t show at Chelmsford or Colchester is beyond me.