Washington State Poltergeist Report - Demons In Seattle


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Mar 4, 2016
The Bible-Throwing Poltergeist Terrorizing Keith Linder Has The Most Convincing EVP Recordings Captured On Tape

It's not always a problem to have ghosts living in your home. Some real life haunted houses are actually quite pleasant, as a mischievous ghost can help add character to an otherwise normal dwelling. After all, who among us is not exhilarated by the glimpse of a levitating lamp or a phantom knocking in the walls?

Unfortunately, the story of the Bothell home haunting is considerably more grim. The violent ghosts who terrorized Keith Linder were extremely aggressive, and made their presence known to anyone who entered the home in Bothell, WA. Starting around 2011, mysterious voices were caught on tape, and household objects would disappear, only to be found smoldering some time later. The happenings became so ruthless that Linder was eventually forced to move in 2016.

Eventually, the situation escalated to the point that TV crews, paranormal investigators, and scientific researchers were called in. People became desperate to hear Linder's story, and to capture concrete photographic evidence of a supernatural presence. It all may sound like a horror movie, but Linder's account of the haunting has never wavered.

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Apr 6, 2014
Demons in Seattle. Apologies, but the association with that city throws up irresistable images of Frasier Crane and his family group doing a Scooby-Doo Gang thing, with Eddie the dog playing Scooby.... Frasier loudly trying to debunk and blaming the ghost on an externalised conflict between Id and Superego, or something Freudian; Niles speculating on it being an archetype from the Jungian subconsciousness; Daphne using that great no-nonsense Northern English exorcism "Oh, sod off, the whole bloody bunch of you". Martin, the hard-bitten ex-copper, loudly pointing out where it all seems like some damn punk kids trying to scare people, look at this, guys, it's a hoax. While Frasier is preparing some exquisite snacks from the best ingredients garnered from upmarket delis (Shaggy with pretentions and better dress sense), Roz Doyle is quietly freaking out, as something suggests she'd be most susceptible and open to influence. might it turn out to be Bulldog working another elaborate prank on the doc? Or else a real demon turns up and Frasier tries to psychoanalyse him... "Hmmm. Absent parent sydrome following your expulsion from Heaven. Also the conflicts generated by trying to match the unrealistic expectations your Father in heaven had of you. You know, it's literally true that you want to kill your Father..."

To which the demon says "Screw this, this is hell. I'm off."