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Whitby Steampunk Weekend: 29 July 2017


Existential pixelfixer
Jul 13, 2013

Steampunk Ball at Whitby Pavilion on Friday evening 28 July 2017 (next one is scheduled for Feb 2018) as part of the 'Beyond The Sea' weekend.

Montague Jacques Fromage is their intended special guest and frontman for the whole event.

Includes Dr. Atticus Oldman of The Absinthe Affair, who will also be producing live podcasts and interviews from the event for future radio broadcasts.

Back from their U.S. debut at Steampunk World's Fair they have Victor And The Bully as a key attraction.

More than 70 trader / display stands in the Pavilion over the Saturday & Sunday.

If I had been back at Whitby this coming weekend, I would've been very-tempted to go along (as it is, I appear to be a week early...and my time-machine has run out of ebonite power cartridges)