Who's Calling? Evaluating The Accuracy Of Guessing Who's On The Phone

Do you mean 'morphic resonance'? Or something like that?
Same guy.
But iirc he did research into telepathy, including the sense of being stared at, knowing who was calling before they called, and pets sensing the return of their owners.
On my first day of starting a new job I was learning how to use their phone system as I was on reception and had to answer and then put people through to different offices. The manager was showing me around and the phone rang when we were in the main sales office so she said I should answer it and put the call through from there. I picked it up and said, ‘Yes, mum?’ It was my mother (No mobiles then, though the sales reps had car phones so I would always give my work phone to my mother in case there was an emergency etc). i was in that ‘first day in new job’ half-panicked state where I’m trying desperately to remember everything but somehow I just knew it was my mother.