Woman guilty of assaulting police with quiche


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Oct 3, 2003
From http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-11/w ... lt/4623106

A woman from Broken Hill in far west New South Wales has been found guilty of assaulting police with a quiche.

Police told the Local Court they approached Franklin Jane Bugmy, 41, in the main street of Broken Hill on August 7 to give her an apprehended violence order.

It turned out to be the wrong paperwork.

Police say that is when Bugmy rammed Constable James Wheatley with a pram and threw the quiche at him.

Bugmy told the court Constable Wheatley was in her way, and she dropped the quiche to protect the baby.

Magistrate Geoffrey Dunlevy said a photograph taken by police showed the quiche was thrown with force at Constable Wheatley's knee and that Bugmy could have passed him with the pram.

Outside the court, Bugmy professed her innocence.

"They're saying I had room to move," she said.

"I had no room to move.

"The quiche was thrown down to save my baby from tipping out of the pram."

She will be sentenced in three weeks.