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  1. gojiramonkey

    Looking For British 70s Horror Series

    Hello. I am trying to find a British horror series from the 70s , only because it had the creepiest title credits I think I've ever seen. There's an eerie street with , I think , blue buildings or houses , possibly with the occasional suitably creepy face in a window that the camera pans across...
  2. David Plankton

    British TV Show About Mythical Creatures

    Can you help identify this TV show? It was broadcast in the 1970's on the BBC and the time slot would be mid to late morning during the Summer holidays. Same time they used to show things like 'Why Don't You?' and 'The Banana Splits'. My memory tells me that it was presented by David...
  3. Cherrybomb

    Folk Horror

    Hi all Here's something thats been bothering me recently: What is the difference (if there is one) between Folk horror and the Fortean? :confused:
  4. McAvennie

    1970s: Why So Dark?

    Right, this got touched upon briefly on the TV shows thread. I was born in 1979 and so never experienced that era, however I have plenty of memories of stuff I saw on TV from the 70's and they always struck me as a very dark, depresing, sinister decade. While I see the 80's as Rubik's Cubes...
  5. A

    Bogus Social Workers

    Bogus social workers-urban myth or not? I remember there being a spate of bogus social workers stories in the 80's (you know 'health professional' turns up unannounced at house and demand to see child and/or take them away). Only last year our local rag run a front page story about one. Do...