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I'm ready to throw down Swifty, "just kidding" By the way I'd have an awful long swim.
If anyone fancies a fight, I can meet you in the Argos car park, Cromer today .. 18:30 you prick, if you think you're hard enough!
signing off, logging out, now, but people, be warned: fall-out has exceeded 50x legal limits and the entire planet should 'officially' be treated as nuclear waste
There just doesn't seem to be the evidence of this worldwide as far as I can see. What makes you think it is so?
our collective life-expectancy has drastically decreased, because of radio-active fall-out: most life, including most humans will not live another estimated 9 years
while everybody around me is cheerful, because of Christmas, I try and warn everybody, including my superiors and family-members of the Fukushima ecocide
The thing about boobs...mostly enjoyed by men and babies. Mine get in the bloody way (try riding a trotting horse for three hours with 38DD's floppiting about in front of you, you'll see what I mean).
One can only imagine...
Just for reference, where and when am I able to try riding a trotting horse with 38DDs floppiting about in front of me?
Bloody hell, how am I going to get to sleep now?