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Strange Crimes


Gone But Not Forgotten
Oct 25, 2001

Scary Amateur Film Lands Makers In Jail

Woman Says She Was Not Playing Along

Posted: 9:38 p.m. EST April 4, 2002

Five people face charges in connection with an amateur film made of an attack on a 19-year-old woman.

Danielle Taylor told police that she was attacked by a group of friends inside a Lapeer County home. She claims that she was bound, blindfolded and put into a car. She was then driven to a field where the suspects placed her into a shallow grave and partially buried her in dirt and snow, Local 4 reported.
During the trip to the field Taylor says that her life was threatened, Local 4 reported. When she got to the grave site, the suspects said that they were going to bury her alive.

Then the group, which included four men and a woman, explained that they were filmmakers, and the tape shows that introductions were made of the actors seen on camera in the film.

Taylor appears at the end of the tape and one of the participants asked how she felt.

"I survived, and I'm freezing and my arms hurt," Taylor said. She later took a tape of the film to the Michigan State Police.

The film crew claims that Taylor was a willing participant in the film. But she denies that she was playing a part.

The suspects face charges ranging from kidnapping and assault to conspiracy.

Four of the suspects have been in the Lapeer County Jail for weeks on $500,000 bond.

A lawyer for one of the defendants asked the judge to excuse herself after she called the videotape the most "sadistic, repulsive thing" that she's ever seen, according to Local 4.

"I did not want this to be all about publicity. I'm only interested in seeing justice served. I'm looking forward to my day in court to testify," Taylor said in a statement.

The two sides are scheduled to be in court next month, Local 4 reported.
Boob Licking Scam Busted


When men were stopped in the streets of Columbia and asked if they wanted to lick a woman's breast many thought their dreams had come true.

The women would pose seductively outside glitzy bars and restaurants and encourage goggle-eyed men to stop their cars and take a closer look.

But after helping themselves to what was on offer, the men would wake up hours later to find their wallets and cars missing.

Unbeknown to the men the temptresses had smeared the breasts with a powerful drug that reduced their victims to a stupor. Bogota police said the narcotic caused the men to lose their will-power.

"They dissolved the pills in water and rubbed it into their breasts," a spokeswoman said.

Three women, in their late teens and early 20s, have been arrested

You cant tell me this isnt fortean?
Is this a boy's only zone so can us girlies join in? :p

I've heard about this before too - mainly in Thailand, I think - and there's always lots of men complaining but never any arrests... make of that what you will.

Just one more thought before I make a quick getaway... since when did men need drugs to reduce them to compliant idiots? :D

Maybe they had an antidote they took at the beginning, or were wearing fake breasts or something :)
Strippers use some kind of silicone or rubber to cover their nipples, its hard to notice unless your'e looking for it or see it very close up. But if one has been inbibing they probably wouldn't notice or even pause to contemplate why its there. I bet that could be used as a base for the drug and it wouldn't enter the girls system. You guys think that would work??
I'm still trying to figure that out, my only guess is that women can pick up viruses and various other germs through the nipple. Ya gotta think about how many different men they rub their hoots on each night, or maybe it keeps em erect?? Any substance there??
Colin said:
Maybe they had an antidote they took at the beginning, or were wearing fake breasts or something :)
You mean I've been sucking false breasts! What a con!

Oops, typo there - I meant those men, not I ....


Any way, I wasn't even there... [blusters on pitifully]

'Ere, where's me wallet?
What an Offer!

I think they got what they deserved and, if they were desperate enough to take up the offer, probably a good half of them consider that they got the better end of the bargain anyway.
Clowns hold up Manchester pub

From http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/england/newsid_2131000/2131236.stm


A gang of robbers dressed as clowns tied up a shopkeeper and pointed a shotgun at him before they were chased through Manchester city centre.
The three men in fancy dress entered Brannigans in Peter Street at 1000 BST on Monday.

They handcuffed the trainee manager and threatened him with a sawn-off shotgun and a 10-inch knife before they fled with a small amount of money.

Their white Transit van was followed through the centre of Manchester and was involved in three separate accidents before the clowns ran from the vehicle and escaped.

'Terrifying' ordeal

Police hope witnesses will remember seeing the raiders because of their colourful costumes.

Detectives Inspector Darren Shention said four men escaped in Ravelston Drive after being followed along Deansgate, three of them still dressed as clowns.

"This was a highly organised team, who had obviously spent some time planning this robbery.

"The trainee manager who was threatened by the robbers has been left extremely shaken and traumatised by what can only be described as a terrifying ordeal.

"About 20 minutes before the robbery took place, the white Transit van was parked outside Brannigans, facing towards St Peters Square.

"There is no doubt that anyone walking along the road at the time the robbers were heading into or out of the building would have spotted them, especially as they were dressed as clowns."
A Police spokesperson commented "We don't know who these clowns think they are but we're all over them like grease-paint... They won't get far, the wheels fell off their getaway car..."

Niles "Is, of course, only clowning around..." Calder
Brannigans is supposed to be manchester's most exclusive club even though any fool over 16 can get in, its very expensive and holds a huge crowd, so i think these guys got away with a lot of cash. and as it was such a silly crime od say they were deffanitly mancunians!
Niles Calder said:
A Police spokesperson commented "We don't know who these clowns think they are but we're all over them like grease-paint... They won't get far, the wheels fell off their getaway car..."
The public is advised to be on the lookout for 20 people in a Fiat Bambino.
Quite an intelligent MO given that 96% of the human race are totally freaked out by clowns.

Apparently the Police are questioning arms dealers in the area who have been selling customised sawnoffs with 'Bang' flags inside.

mrchopper said:
Brannigans is supposed to be manchester's most exclusive club ... its very expensive and holds a huge crowd ... a lot of cash. and as it was such a silly crime od say they were deffanitly mancunians!

I see *rocks back and forth on heels* and where was your goodself yesterday morning saah? C'mon here sunny, you're nicked! :p
schnor said:
I see *rocks back and forth on heels* and where was your goodself yesterday morning saah? C'mon here sunny, you're nicked! :p

it wasnt me guv honest! these people are complete clowns, if i were going to do it schnor i would of done it properly, what they had done was parked outside facing peter st. then when they wanted to make a quick get-away the turn the van round and went towards deansgate, so they went out of there way to hit manchster's busiest road lol. typical mancs lol
They apparently distracted the bar man with a spinning bow tie and by spraying him with water from a flower on their coats over-large lapels. ;)
I'd have run the other way. I've always been scared of clowns. :( Although clowns holding up a place does remind me of Quick Change. Great film.
Why Those Nipple Warmers?

Originally posted by beakboo
Why? To keep them warm?

It's an asinine legal thing wherein, as long as the nipples aren't showing, it's not full nudity, or something like that. A dodge to allow the strip club to keep operating.

Either that or it masks the antennae that would otherwise reveal the "women" to be from Sigma Draconis.
My teenagers' current favourite joke:

A woman goes to the doctor and complains about her enormous breasts.
The doctor tells her to undress and she does.
He stares for a moment, then says, 'Yes, they are rather large. I really need to numb them, do you mind?'
She says 'Of course not, Doctor.'
So he leans close and goes, num num num......
Hefner Never Lost a Dime

This is why Hugh Hefner never lost a dime peddling mammary pictorials. The adolescent male fixation on female breasts -- usually first of the secondary sex characteristics to "emerge" into noteworthy status -- is imprinted deep in the male psychosis.

As it were.
Zippy Bungle & George Abducted!

Rainbow Puppets Stolen
Tuesday July 23, 2002 9:12 PM
Thieves have stolen the original puppets of Bungle, Zippy and George used in the hit children's television show Rainbow.
The three costumes had been taken to Bristol to film scenes for Geoffrey Hayes' new stage show Over the Rainbow, set to premiere at the Edinburgh Festival on August 2.
They were taken from the back of a car parked in a service station as they were being returned to London.
Hayes, presenter of the television show, is said to be very distressed by the loss of the costumes, one of only a handful of original sets used during the filming of the programme.
He had only just bought the Bungle puppet at an auction at Christie's for £3,500 and the trio as a set are thought to be worth many thousands of pounds.
A spokesman for the production said: "It can only have been around 10 minutes that they were left in the car. No one could possibly have known it was them - it must have been opportunistic - someone who saw the Christie's logo on the bags.
"We desperately want them back. They are due on stage in a week's time. There are two generations of people who grew up with them and everyone knows who they are so you couldn't really hide them.
"Geoffrey worked with them for 20 years so they are quite close to his heart, plus the fact that he had only just got Bungle back and two weeks later he does a runner."
The puppets were taken from the back of the estate car when the production manager stopped at Membury Services in Berkshire for a snack this afternoon.
Show producer Richard Temple, whose company owns the other two puppets in this set, said: "I'm devastated. The three characters are an irreplaceable part of Over the Rainbow and everybody connected to the show, especially Geoffrey himself, is very concerned.
No, you fools, don't you know what's happening? They weren't stolen! The nightmare has returned to me! They've come to life!