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  1. 王泥喜法介

    A Ghost Returns Home During His Funeral

    In the 1980s roughly, the public bathroom in China is popular. Most families warm water with coals for a shower that time, but the public bathroom commonly makes use of the waste energy of manufactories to provide hot water. One day, a new bathroom was going to open, and the owner of the...
  2. gattino

    Cardiff Poltergeist [1979+]

    From the old ITV series "Strange But True?" (As an aside I was waiting for the obligatory professional sceptic to turn up for "balance" and say "I believe that THEY believe it, but...". Interestingly there was none, which makes me think this must have been the last show of this kind in the UK...
  3. Cherrybomb

    Folk Horror

    Hi all Here's something thats been bothering me recently: What is the difference (if there is one) between Folk horror and the Fortean? :confused:
  4. A

    Bogus Social Workers

    Bogus social workers-urban myth or not? I remember there being a spate of bogus social workers stories in the 80's (you know 'health professional' turns up unannounced at house and demand to see child and/or take them away). Only last year our local rag run a front page story about one. Do...