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  1. MrRING

    Mass Séances At The End of the Soviet Union

    This was a weird thing that I had never heard of that made me think a little of Ghost Watch. The MIT Reader brought the story up: https://thereader.mitpress.mit.edu/the-soviet-unions-desperate-efforts-at-mind-control/ As the link mentions: This article is excerpted from Wladimir Velminski’s...
  2. Quercus

    The Beechmount Poltergeist—A Belfast Story

    I've been trying to research a case on and off for a few years now - known locally as The Beechmount Poltergeist, sometimes also referred to as The Woman In Black. It dates from 1989, and the events supposedly took place in a house in Beechmount Grove in West Belfast. This is the book, written...
  3. Ghost In The Machine

    What Exactly Did Les Dawson See Re. Sid James' Ghost?

    Reading about theatre history and yet again came across stories about Les Dawson seeing the ghost of Sid James, not long before his own death. And it's clear that whatever he saw, was absolutely terrifying. But I can't seem to find an account I thought I found a while back, that did actually...
  4. K

    Hillsborough: Anatomy Of A Government Cover-Up

    Not to spin gold out of a tragedy, but surely the network of implicated police, local government and government parties exposed in the new report give the lie to any scoffing at conspiracy theory which suggests no large group could have been puppeteered into conspiring. Impuning the names of the...
  5. S

    Unidentified Falling Object

    This event happened to me when I was about 9 years old and living in Preston, Lancashire, which would make it 1989. I was playing in the street with two friends, it was late summer and a very warm evening. At about 6pm my friends were called by their parents to go and have their dinner. I...