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  1. dr wu

    The Ariel School UFO Encounter [Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 1994]

    I always thought this was a very interesting case,,,,I have a hard time feeling this was a hoax or made up by the kids but then is it a real alien event or something else..? (Dead video link deleted) Why would advanced space aliens land in such an out of the way place to appear to school...
  2. snavej

    Panic: A Genuine Example In The Old Sense Of The Word?

    In the summer of 1994, when I was unemployed for a while, I took a walk down to St. Mary's Church in Llanfair P.G., Anglesey, North Wales, U.K. The church is centuries old and the adjoining cemetery is full - there is hardly any room left for further burials. The church is right next to a...
  3. W

    Australia's Jurassic Tree (Wollemi Pine) Is Returned To The World

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  4. roswellcat

    UK National Lottery

    Perhaps this should go in the "conspiracy theory" section, but anyway... Does anyone remember when the UK National Lottery first started? Was there some controversy about it being fixed? My boyfriend remembers a letter on Points of View soon after the first(?) draw asking why the...