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  1. Yithian

    Canal Ghosts & Water-Wights By Nick Ford (2023)

    As promised on the New & Soon To Be Published thread, I am providing a preview for the above named book. My first impressions are positive: it's quite a heavy paperback with modern (high-friction plastic coated) covers that runs to 232 pages despite the fairly large typeface. Although some of...
  2. Richyboyo

    Chupacabra In Texas 1950?

    I wonder if anyone can throw any light on this photo—as in exactly where and when it was 1st published? It was some time in 1950 Chupacabra or What - Is It? If you know, you might tell Charles Hudson of Dallas, Tex. His coon dogs ran the strange creature down and killed it before he could...
  3. A

    Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Spontaneous Human Gallstones? All accounts of spontaneous human combustion follow the same pattern, and I'm surprised nobody's noticed a simple connection. Here's an experiment. Take a large dinnerplate and place a few small articles on it made of wood, plastic, paper, etc. Place a cocktail...
  4. D

    Edge Of Darkness (2009)

    I very recently saw Edge of Darkness, with Mel Gibson. At the end of the film, I saw that it had been dedicated to someone who had died in 2009. I looked him up and saw that he had been the writer of the British miniseries Edge of Darkness produced in 1985. Needless to say, I was curious about...