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    There Is Something In The Woods

    I'll get right to it. I wonder if any of you forteans can connect with this. Over the years I have always enjoyed woods and forests whether it be walks, mucking around with my kids or just being in nature as a change from city life. But not all woods have the same feel. I lived near the...
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    Anomalous Felines

    To all: Reports of anomalous felines seem to be fairly common on the Fortean Times website, now. There is, for example, the section devoted to the Anomalous Big Cats in the British Isles, and the mysterious leopard or jaguar type big cat near Olinda, on Maui. On June 16, in Clarks...
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    Alien Big Cats ('ABCs')

    Last summer a large black cat appeared on the outskirts of Coventry (quite close to the Jaguar factory as it happens) and then disapeared. Well it's back iccoventry.ic24.com/0100news/0100localnews/page.cfm?objectid=11184278&method=full in Thursdays edition of the Coventry Evening Telegraph...