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ancient egypt

  1. Yithian

    Magical Egypt By John Anthony West [Symbolic/Occult Video Series]

    This is a multi-part video upload of the Magical Egypt Series by John Anthony West. As far as I can see, this is the only place it is available online. There is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of...
  2. K

    Egyptian Archaeology: Projects, Discoveries & Findings

  3. J

    Egypt's Serapeum & Giant Stone Boxes

    Here's some interesting and baffling stone artifacts recently opened to the public in Egypt. Simply incredible.
  4. rynner2

    History Rewritten: Myths Busted & New Truths Uncovered

    http/tinyurl.com/yqr5sy (Mod Edit: Original link is broken. Archived version found via The Wayback Machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20090130100439/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1545177/Caravaggio-was-actually-Merisi-of-Milan.html) rynner the ubiquitous
  5. Timble2

    World's Oldest Ocean Vessels Discovered in Egypt

    All right it’s probably not the remains of the Punt expedition, but it’s still interesting. I think most of the vessels they’ve found before now were intended for use on the Nile. https://www.newscientist.com/article.ns/?id=dn7190 Link is dead. The MIA webpage can be accessed via the Wayback...
  6. Timble2

    Ancient Egyptian Medicine & Medical Practices

    I know an Ancient Egyptian cure for a headache that involves tieing a faience (type of ceramic) crocodile to your head with a piece of papyrus with a prayer to the gods. They also used crocodile droppings in some or their medicines. :err: *I meant head, not heard, obviously, and tieing not...
  7. A

    A Brief History Of Magic(k)

    I'm writing a story/book, I have been working on it for quite a few months now. I've not started the narrative, I've just been developing a complex backstory, and roughing out the plot of the story. The main subject of the story is religion, and a theocracy that has control of basically all...