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  1. Comfortably Numb

    Tiffany Thayer Fortean Society Letters

    TIFFANY THAYER-FORTEAN SOCIETY-BIZARRE LETTERS TO LIMITED EDITIONS CLUB-TLS-1935 Tiffany Ellsworth Thayer (1902-1959), author, actor and co-founder of The Fortean Society of New York. Two bellicose letter to George Macy, founder of the Limited Editions Club. The first letter is typed and hand...
  2. A

    The Collection Of The Curious

    Time for a little levity I think. In discussing the CFI I thought wouldn't it be cool if it included some kind of a Museum of the Weird. What exhibits, both realistic and fantastic or just downright unbelievable, would you like to see in a Fortean Museum? I'll start: JFK’s brain Photo of...
  3. E

    Charles Fort Institute?

    What the heck's happened to the Charles Fort Institute? It was such a brilliant idea, but the website doesn't appear to have been updated since 2000. Has it been scrapped due to lack of interest/funding?
  4. A

    The Fortean Society

    Whta is known of the Fortean Society? Are there any surviving members? Do any copies of their journal, Doubt, exist? I recall that FT had a letter from a former member a while back, but since then...? Ian Kidd Ex incognitus scienta