1. lordmongrove

    Creationist Bell End Thinks T .Rex Ate Plants! ... -him-wrong Link is dead. The MIA article can be accessed via the Wayback Machine: Knob.
  2. lordmongrove

    Creationist Junk

    I was pootlig around on the internet lat night and came upon this thread from the Cryptomundo site Among the mostly sensable discussion was some of the most unhiged creationist ramblings. A guy calling himself Scott C used the...
  3. lordmongrove

    Plagiarism From Creationists

    A few years ago a paper i had writtern on Siberian cryptids for the CFZ yearbook was plagiarised by an American creationist website. They had taken the lake monster section of the paper and reprinted it on their sight as support for living dinosaurs. Nowere in the article did i suggest the...
  4. F

    Creationists And Darwin- Go For It Boys/Girls!

    I thought I'd give poor old Segovius a break and let's all look at this ! It gives me a bad case of "Let's join the dolphins and leave earth before it's all too late!" Ray Comfort has written a 50 page preface to the origin of species which they will hand out 50,000 copies to the top 50...
  5. MrRING

    Answers in Genesis: Creationist Group

    Thes people seems very far right on the ol' issue of evolution. Answers In Genesis Listen to this article about donating a T-Rex cast in Kentucky: T. rex finds home in Kentucky! Recently the biggest resident of the future Answers in Genesis Creation Museum moved in—the mighty...
  6. A

    Creationist Theme Parks

    Story here
  7. B

    The Ravings Of A Creationist. Please Explain.

    This is from one of my new friends at the Rapture Ready message board. I don't understand it, but I hoped one of you clever people would. " the mathmatics used to triangulate the position of stars and to determine their distance involve making calculations based on the earths position at...