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    Ghost Tales From Everyday People

    I am 60 this year, and I have been amazed just how many rational people have admitted they have either seen or felt a ghost. I got to talk intimately with men and women when I was a nurse and carer, so perhaps they felt they could confide in someone who would give them a sympathetic ear. I...
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    Building Sacrifices (Mummified Cats, Immurement & So On)

    mummified cats Hi, I am new on this list and this may sound peculiar but I am working on an online cat-a-log, being a catalog of mummified cats found in houses, churches,deliberatley placed there as a form of foundationsacrifice, all information is welcome, though some of these have a...
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    About 2 years ago i visited Glastonbury with my mum and her friend, and had some very strange experiences. Even before we arrived and saw the looming Tor, strange smells wafted through the car - Onions, Perfume, Manure, Incense all in quick succesion, which makes me think that we couldnt have...