1. Kondoru

    Hair Turning White / Grey From Fright (Or Injury Or Stress)

    Or stress Any well documented cases and why? Why does hair change colour anyway? My aunt died in her 80s and her hair was brown edged with grey! My hair started out blonde, and is now dark brown.
  2. K

    Very Long Hair
  3. M

    Bad Hair Day
  4. A

    Hair Colour & Personality (Redheads: Fact & Fiction)

    Hair colour and personality (WARNING: POLITICALLY INCORRECT The latest thread "Man stabbed over 'ginger hair' " has made me wonder: how true are those old beliefs that a person's hair colour reflects - if not determines - his/her character? For instance, redheads (especially females) are...
  5. A

    Hair: Weirdness & Oddities

    Now... I was a bit torn as to put this in the thread about 'hairiness' or here, but as this concerns the hair on someone's head rather than thier nether regions I think I'll put it here... This is something that spontaneously popped out of my memory banks during my drive to work this morning...