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  1. ChasFink

    The Adventure Of The Coincidental Hat

    I just saw a TV commercial featuring a little girl in a deerstalker hat, and it reminded me of an odd coincidence - or was it? Back in my college days I had a lovely wool deerstalker myself. It was a brown houndstooth weave, looked very much like one depicted on a Sherlock Holmes anthology I...
  2. EnolaGaia

    Dark Watchers (Vigilantes Oscuros): Ominous Figures; Santa Lucia Mountains (California)

    The phenomenon of the 'Dark Watchers' has a long history in the Santa Lucia Mountains of California (along the coast; south of Monterrey Bay). It's difficult to categorize them. They've been described as ephemeral giant figures seen on the horizon, as ominous figures encountered at close...