1. EnolaGaia

    Prehistoric Animation (In Artworks)

    Flickering firelight can impart a hint - or even an illusion - of movement to static artworks. Smaller artworks can be manipulated (e.g., rotated) to provide a crude form of animation analogous to flipbooks. In recent decades archaeologists have increasingly wondered whether certain anomalous...
  2. M

    Houdini: How Did He ...? (His Secret Inventions, Tech & Stagecraft),,SB108017263810464833-IJjfYNolaR3oJ2qaXmIaaqIm4,00.html Link is dead. No archived version found. I don't want to wee in their soup or anything but anyone half interested in the trick will probably have already seen it demonstrated by The Masked Magician. Emps
  3. G

    The Optical Illusions Thread

    I love a good optical illusion, and think they deserve their own thread. So this is it! Here's a damn jollly good page of illusions ... I especially like the wheels that appear to rotate as you move your head towards the monitor ... absolutely mental...
  4. A

    Strangeness In Vehicles: Things Experienced While Driving (IHTM)

    Hello all. First thread, hope I don't mess up too badly. I live in a secluded area, surrounded by nature and a heavily-wooded forest. My family and I often drive into town (around 15 miles away) because there's nothing to do at home but listen to the frogs croak. We don't have street lights...