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kenneth anger

  1. R

    Kenneth Anger In Fortean Times

    I am looking for an article in FT regarding Kenneth Anger - Celluloid Sorcery i believe was the title and according to a book was in FT 25.01.03 which could mean issues 166 or 167 but i cant seem to find anything regarding KA. Does the US imprint differ in content or are the issue number...
  2. MrRING

    Nosferatu, Frater Pacitus & OTO

    Just read in Nikolas Schreck's The Satanic Screen about Albin Grau, aka Frater Pacitus of the OTO and how he inserted real magical symbols into the written words in the silent film Nosferatu. What I would want to know is has anybody ever tried to find out if what he wrote was a working spell...
  3. phi23

    Kenneth Anger

    Does anyone know where I can get any Kenneth Anger films on video?