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  1. Floyd

    Codebreakers Have Finally Deciphered The Lost Letters Of Mary, Queen Of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots: Secret letters written during imprisonment decoded. Secret letters written in code by Mary, Queen of Scots during her imprisonment in England have been uncovered and decoded by a team of cryptographers. The documents, which were believed to have been lost, were found in...
  2. maximus otter

    Emperor Charles V’s Code Cracked After Five Centuries

    A team of researchers has cracked a five century-old code which reveals a rumoured French plot to kill the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain Charles V. Charles was one of the most powerful men of the 16th century, presiding over a vast empire that took in much of western Europe and the...
  3. GNC

    Postbox Cosies

    There's a photo in the latest Fortean Times letters page of a British postbox, traditional red pillar design, with a knitted top on, like a tea cosy. Nobody knows who made it, or why it was there. Well, there's one near me, and it's not the one in the mag! It's a white, winter's one, with a...
  4. M

    Message In A Bottle

  5. M

    Long Time Coming: Errant Messages, Lost Letters & Misdirected Mail

    Long time coming (long delayed mail and other blasts from the past) http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_829408.html?menu=news.quirkies
  6. escargot

    A One-Guinea Prizewinning Letter By Charles Fort!

    Yesterday at the car booty I found two copies of 'TP's Weekly' which was a radical newspaper founded by TP O'Connor ( radical Irish Nationalist MP) in 1902. One had a letter from 'Charles Fort, London' entitled 'Explorers from other Worlds?' which described, with references, apparent UFO...