linnaean taxonomy

  1. ramonmercado

    Biological Taxonomy / Cladistics Thread

    Linnean naming system faces challengers A band of renegade biologists is taking on a mammoth task that threatens to upset a status quo that has been unchallenged for almost 250 years. Put simply, they want to change the way scientists name every living organism on the planet. These...
  2. U

    Linnaean Taxonomy & Animalia Paradoxa (Alleged Cryptids)

    Interesting history of Linnaeus and cryptozoology.
  3. A

    Chimp Taxonomic Classification

    I guess this thread is a suitable place to mention today's news story that chimps and humans 'should share grouping'. I would say that this is generously unanthropocentric of us to share our genus, except that it would surely be less taxonomic hassle to rename us "Pan sapiens"?