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  1. EnolaGaia

    Cannabis Use During Pregnancy: Effects On The Child?

    A new survey study suggests cannabis usage from around the time a woman typically first learns she's pregnant through childbirth may have long-term behavioral effects on her child. The study's results further suggest a key issue that may be to blame. However, these results are tentative and...
  2. M

    Reefer Madness (Marijuana / Cannabis & Mental Health)

    There are a lot of other threads on various aspects of cannabis but I wanted to start one on the research into its effect on people's mental health as it is also interesting from the point of view of testing scientific hypothese. See these ther threads for other aspects: Punk: Super skunk...
  3. M

    It Is Possible To OD On Cannabis

    It was largely assumed that the amount of pot you'd have to smoke would make it physically impossible to OD but clearly it is an accumulated dose (although the conclusion that it was cannabis toxicty only seem to be based on the fact that it was in his blood - case proved?)...
  4. escargot

    Cannabis Is Good For You

    When I worked with MS sufferers I was often asked to provide them with cannabis which they believed would alleviate their symptoms. I refused solely because I'd have been in the most appalling trouble if I'd been caught. Furtive questioning around the rest of the team established that it was...
  5. A

    Medical Marijuana / Cannabis

    Medical Marijuana to be in Dutch Pharmacies March 17 Doctors Can Prescribe Immediately; Government Preparing to License Growers WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Under a groundbreaking new law effective March 17, physicians in the Netherlands will be able to prescribe medical marijuana...