1. INT21

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet?

    This may need moving to another forum, but I could not decide which would be most appropriate. So, we may soon be in a position to populate Mars. Or at least set up outposts there. Who will do this ? Would it be one country with one religion and one way of viewing the Earth society ? Would...
  2. stu neville

    Exclusive! U.S. President: The Moon Is Part Of Mars

    Those who follow the Wotsit-In-Chief's Twitter feed may already be aware of this. Either it's the cutting-edge scientific scoop of the century, or he's off his meds again. "...Mars(of which the Moon is a part)..." I know this is fringing on the political, but it's my call in the end, and it's...
  3. A

    Water On Mars

    Martian Ice Ocean According to the BBC vast oceans of ice have been found just below the surface of Mars: 'Water-ice has been found in vast quantities just below the surface across great swathes of the planet Mars. The finding by the American space agency Nasa is undoubtedly one of the...
  4. A

    The Face On Mars Has Disappeared!

    Is this final proof that the Mars face was only a trick of the light or... has NASA been faking images in order to make us think the above?
  5. A

    Mars Monoliths & Other Anomalous Features

    Have you seen these things posted before? I haven't and thought it was pretty interesting, especially the way they are all uniform. They REALLY show up in the second pic that's inverted. What kind of natural process could create them?
  6. A

    Mars: Miscellaneous Findings & Conjectures

    RE: Mars Anomalies I didn't see anybody else posting this link (if they did then I'm blind and missed it!)
  7. D

    Life On Mars?

    new dispute over Martian meteorite it seems this bit of rock has a good press agent ;) What would knowing that life had existed on Mars do to our understanding of science, of religion and of our place in the Universe? Answers on a postcard please...
  8. A

    The Moons Of Mars: Deimos & Phobos

    I followed this link in FT's own Breaking News section to a site that poses this important (for Mars) question. Check it out and let me know what you think. If somone is having trouble finding two closely orbiting moons...