megalithic monuments

  1. oldrover

    Arthur's Stone (Maen Ceti; Megalithic Site)

    (Copied from: ... %20151.jpg ... 7efea3.jpg This is King Arthur's Stone on Cefn Bryn in Gower, it comes from an area where...
  2. IamSundog

    Celtic Megaliths In New England?

    A few weeks back I had a chance to visit “Balanced Rock” in the tiny rural town of North Salem, NY, an hour north of NYC (supposedly also home to David Letterman). Lots of people have noted the similarity of this to Celtic dolmens. Mainstream U.S. archeology won’t hear of it, asserting that...
  3. M

    'Russian Stonehenge(s)': Megalithic Sites, Dolmens, Etc. In Russia

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this si tricky the report seems to stem from Pravda as well as another source but surely Discovery won't fall for their usual rubbish -would they? Source
  4. gyrtrash

    Bogleys Standing Stone

    Standing Stone reveals ancient secrets at modern opencast site Source: FIFE TODAY
  5. S

    Australian Megalithic Sites? (New South Wales; Bathurst)

    *{'Spash apologises in advance if this is posted in the wrong thread}* Doing a bit of research/leisure and have come across a reference to a Stonehenge type formation in Bathhust (Australia!), of all places. Anyone heard of this before? Credible? Bull***t? :)
  6. gyrtrash

    Avebury Stones

    New stones discovered at Avebury Got this in an email today;- Source: National Trust Press Release 2/12/2003 I hope the NT change their minds. I'd love to see the 'lost' stones re-erected! :)