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    Neanderthals: New Findings & Theories

    This article alleges that autism in modern humans (and its particular prevalence in those of N/W European ancestry) derives from interbreeding between H.s.neanderthalensis and H.s.sapiens, and that the autistic mind is actually representative of a "normal" Neanderthal mentality... As there...
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    Surviving Neanderthals

    As is proposed in Cryptozoology A to Z (if you don't own it I recommend it) I believe the neanderthals remain in existance in small throngs or 'tribes'. They were a successful species, very intelligent, and rumors of 'wild men' are prevalent worldwide. Would anyone know of any related media...
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    The Well-Tailored Neanderthal; Or, They Walk Among Us!

    Theres a welsh guy who writes into FT every so often thst reckons Gingerness, left handedness and socialism are traits associated with neanderthal genes. The Fir Bolg thing is usually taken to refer to the shorter, darker population group found in western Ireland, the "Black Irish", who had the...