1. EnolaGaia

    Hi-Tech Gloves Emulating Octopus Tentacles' Underwater Grip

    It's difficult to manually manipulate objects underwater. Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed gloves involving innovative designs, materials, and robotic control to emulate the strong / delicate capabilities of octopus tentacles. FULL STORY...
  2. Quake42

    What Is The Proper Plural Of "Octopus"?

    Octopodes! (Sorry, pedantry getting the better of me again...) :D
  3. P

    The Octopus Thread

    CNN story. An octopus in a German zoo has learned to open jars of shrimp by watching zoo attendants perform the act underwater. Frida, a five-month-old female octopus, opens the jars by pressing her body on the lid and grasping the sides with the suckers on her eight tentacles. With a...