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  1. MrRING

    Edwin S. Shneidman's MAPS (Make A Picture Story Test)

    I was listening to an episode of the comics podcast Cartoonist Kayfabe called Psychology Test For Nerds - Will You Pass Or Fail?, which was dedicated to a story in Dan Clowes comic Eightball called Black Nylon. According to the podcast, he created the story using Edwin S. Shneidman's MAPS, or...
  2. maximus otter

    Psychology Studies Attract Certain Volunteers—Which Could Skew Results

    Many psychological studies rely on participants to give up their time to take part in experiments or complete questionnaires. They take part because they get paid or because they are required to as part of their university course. But, beyond this, not much is known about what motivates people...
  3. staticgirl

    Unseen Presence

    Not sure where to put this, mods are welcome to move this if there is a good thread it would fit in. I am listening to a podcast (when I should be working...) from the British Psychological Society (and an author discussing his book) about people who feel an 'unseen presence' or a 'felt...
  4. U

    Why Does Anyone Take Carl Jung Seriously?

    No one outside of the world of psychoanalysis takes his ideas seriously, but it seems more and more paranormal researchers use his ideas of archetypes and the collective unconsciousness as proven scientific theory. It has become a bit lazy and tiresome that a lot of books I've read over the...
  5. INT21

    Jordan Peterson

    Any of you guys follow Jordan Peterson ? INT21.
  6. ramonmercado

    Psychopaths: New Research & Studies

    edit to amend subject title.
  7. P

    Jungian Archetypal Communication Via Collective Unconscious?

    Several years ago my brother visited me. At that period in time he was suffering with depression and anxiety and was quite debilitated. I remember making him a cup of tea, and as I entered the the room to give him the tea I looked at him; I suddenly experienced a buzzing feeling in my head...
  8. Hospitaller

    Psychology / Psychiatry: Science? Pseudoscience? Quackery?

    Graylien's post on another thread, particularly the phrase "the pseudo-science of psychology" reminded me of a text by Israel Regardie (pupil of the Great Beast himself, Mr Crowley) on how psychology is really the modernised scientificated (my own neologism!) version of ritual magick. The text...
  9. Yithian

    What's Wrong With The Rorschach?

    Source: The NY Times Magazine I've always been a bit sceptical of a diagnostic tool that was so subjective in its interpretation.