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  1. KOFY_Fitz

    RAF Station Ghosts

    Hi all, I'm looking for ghost and paranormal stories at RAF stations (including a few no longer in service), in particular those that I have personally visited. If anyone has had any experiences at the locations below, or are aware of any activity at the locations, I'd be really appreciative if...
  2. Erinaceus

    Probably Not A UFO!

    I often see Spitfires here because I'm not far from the Battle of Britain memorial and there are businesses who provide flights over it (for a not-inconsiderable sum). I took some photos of one this morning and a yellow sphere appeared in one picture. Naturally I saw nothing at the time. The...
  3. Yithian

    Another Mallory's Mysterious Mountain Death

    I dare say that we are all familiar with the stories surrounding George Mallory, the famous mountaineer and possible conquerer of Everest. If that is not the case, please acquaint yourselves here: https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/mallory-first-to-conquer-everest.11049/ What I...