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road ghosts

  1. J

    Cavalier Road Ghost - Tadcaster

    Hi All My husband and myself had an uncanny experience in Tadcaster about 30 years ago now. A young man dressed like a cavalier ran in front of our car near Turnpike Road. My husband braked hard and the man just pixelated and disappeared in front of us. I’m wondering if anyone else has had a...
  2. Quercus

    The Ditchling Beacon Walker

    Well then, first thread... and I thought I'd start with the tale that brought me back to this forum, in a roundabout way. Story first - and then what came after, in separate posts in case anyone wishes to quote certain sections back at me. Apologies for the length, future posts shouldn't be so...
  3. H

    Ghost Tales From Everyday People

    I am 60 this year, and I have been amazed just how many rational people have admitted they have either seen or felt a ghost. I got to talk intimately with men and women when I was a nurse and carer, so perhaps they felt they could confide in someone who would give them a sympathetic ear. I...
  4. A

    Blue Bell Hill

    I have mentioned this elsewhere on the board, but thought it would be better to post here in the Ghosts section.. I moved to Medway in Kent for a while in the winter of 1994 and at that time I was seeing a bloke who's parents lived in Ashford ... we would usually drive over to see them every...
  5. D

    Ghosts In Leicestershire?

    Abbey Pumping Station "Abbey Pumping Station is reputedly haunted by the ghost of an engineer who worked at the site in the early nineteenth century. He plunged to his death in 1890, falling over 50 ft from the top balcony of the pump house down into the depths of the engine room. " -...
  6. A

    Strangeness In Vehicles: Things Experienced While Driving (IHTM)

    Hello all. First thread, hope I don't mess up too badly. I live in a secluded area, surrounded by nature and a heavily-wooded forest. My family and I often drive into town (around 15 miles away) because there's nothing to do at home but listen to the frogs croak. We don't have street lights...
  7. A

    Phantom Hitchhikers & Road Ghosts

    Quite a few years ago i was watching tv and a short 10 min film came on covering for something cancelled or something. It started with a young woman driving a car on a dark stormy night.After a while she passes an old woman huddled up alone in a bus shelter.Feeling guilty the lady stops the...