1. ramonmercado

    The Science Of Superheroes: Using Comics To Teach Science

    The Science of Superheroes: Beyond the Incredibles Stefan Lovgren for National Geographic News November 12, 2004 With the Incredibles and Spider-Man atop the movie charts, superheroes are flying higher than ever. Most people may dismiss their fantastic feats—and their formidable foes—as...
  2. A

    Superheroes: Has Anybody Tried It For Real?

    Phantom Cleaner Keeps Town Tidy Oddly Enough - Reuters Phantom Cleaner Keeps Town Tidy Fri Jul 19,10:49 AM ET LONDON (Reuters) - He masks his face with a scarf, wears a black raincoat, and only strikes at night. But far from being a criminal, Kettering's "phantom street-cleaner"...