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  1. Steven

    How Tarot Was Turned Into An Occult Obsession

    Dr Terror deals the Death card The Guardian's annoying art critic turns his attention to 'a nice, innocent game played by Renaissance courtiers, often featuring strong women. Why were these artistically dazzling cards given a black magic makeover that endures to this day?'...
  2. A

    Evidence For Prehistoric Symbolic Activity

    World's Oldest Art? Statuette, Between 500,000 and 300,000 Y BBC News Website: 'World's Oldest Statue Found In Morocco' (23rd May 2003)
  3. G

    What Did You Dream Of Last Night?

    Last night before bed I watched an episode of The World at War. At some point in the night I dreamt of being back in Mansfield, it was night(early hours of the morning?) and I was for some reason part of a group training to become a member of the Hitler Youth!!?!?!? I found myself sat...
  4. gattino

    Are Robins Symbols Of Dead Loved Ones?

    I am increasingly aware of what appears to me to be a "new" folklore in the making. A phenomena that is coming into being, but not yet commented on. My own account has been told by me several times and I won't take up space in my first posting by giving the full story. But the bones of it...