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the tube

  1. Quake42

    Oddness On The London Underground

    I noticed there didn't seem to be a thread on this, so I decided to start one! A general home for any unusual or weird Tube-related stories. I'll kick off. This morning on the District Line I saw a man in a suit and bowler hat. Not too unusual although bowler hats are seen relatively rarely...
  2. staticgirl

    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    Channel 5 is making a documentary about ghosts on the tube (www.underlondonunderground.co.uk) and are trying to find people who've had weird experiences there. A few years ago, my ex boyfriend nearly fainted in Kings Cross. He said he could hear people screaming and a strange noise. It turns...
  3. A

    Wartime Cover Up? The Bethnal Green Tragedy (1943)

    Text added for clarity--Yith The night of the disaster There were 10 air raids upon London during the night of March 3 1943. When the alert sounded at 8.17 pm, hundreds of people left their homes to run to the Bethnal Green Tube Station shelter where 500 people were already sheltering. Local...