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    Head Transplants, Revivification & Maintenance Isolated From A Body

    Revival of a decapitated dog by Soviet scientists THIS is a selection of the same videos in various formats, all of which purport to show a dog's head being revived after removal from the body. I believe that they (not the Soviets, merely the ubiquitous 'they') have also successfully carried...
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    Double Hand Transplants, ... 55,00.html I just find this amazing. Five years on, rocket victim finally comes to terms with his new arms From Adam Sage in Paris A FRENCH house painter who became the first person to receive a double arm transplant has spoken for the...
  3. Timble2

    Genitalia & Reproductive Organ Transplants

    There seems to have been run of stories on human reproduction these last few days.... It's also at:
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    Face Transplants

    ... think again, says plastic surgeon Peter Butler. "Butler is calling for a debate about whether face transplants should take place. Mr. Butler said surgical techniques would allow the procedure to take place within the next six to nine months. "But he said it was essential for a moral...